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    Carta by Focus V

    Wow I feel dumb! Thanks for helping me out. I'm old. I guess my join date reflects that haha
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    Carta by Focus V

    Screw it into place. Then twist the opposite direction? Thanks!
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    Carta by Focus V

    Hi I just received mine today. I can't for the life of me get the Addy unscrewed. I know it's reverse threaded but it's so tight I even tried a pliers to hold the metal base and nothing. Any tips? I would love to try this thing out.
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    Multi-brand Vivant Dabox

    Hadn't been on this forum in ages. Just logged in to see if I could get some assistance with my defective DAbOX. When I received it in the mail yesterday I tried to use it and the light flashes green and the atomizer does not heat up. When I open the trey and turn it on the light stays a solid...
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    If anyone has an extra one laying around and you want to get rid of it HMU. I dropped mine getting out of my vehicle. Sad times indeed.
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    Discontinued Supreme Vaporizer

    Glad I decided to hop back on FC and check things out, ordered my discounted Supreme today. Mine was getting pretty beat up after 4 years.
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    And here you thought YOUR stash was big !!!

    Oregon has "medijuana" :rolleyes: And he was bitching at the government of California not you, how about you be a lil' nicer eh? :cool: It's funny too because as far as I know no one smokes that Mexican garbage anyways, cops can take all they want :lol:
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    Who is watching the election tomorrow night? ;)
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    If you're waiting for me to tell you that you were right your not gonna hear it. :D He was waived by bonehead Childress without consulting upper management or even his 53 man roster, which by the way completely hates him now. Word is Harvin is one of the most vocal and angry, I read that Moss...
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    Kanye West "Runaway" (Full-length Film) Diabolic feat. Immortal Technique - Frontlines Diabolic -Modern Day Jedi Mind Tricks- Razorblade Salvation Dead...
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    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    I got my Adler Pandora kit back in July and i'm just too damn lazy to build it :rolleyes: Not even this guy could motivate me :D
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    Discontinued VRIPtech Heating Wand

    I find that funny, I got mine a couple months ago from Mark and it died two days later, I gave up, both (original and replacement) are sitting in a box in my room, waiting to be shipped. I went thru about 7-8 wands from the beginning until now, customer service has always been GREAT, but i'm...
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    Life Saber (LSV) by Elev8 Vehicles

    Very well written! :clap:
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    Life Saber (LSV) by Elev8 Vehicles

    When I owned a SSV and figured out how simple and overpriced the thing was (especially when I took it apart) I sold it, in that regard I am not the least bit surprised this is that expensive. One issue I had with 7th floor was the QC of their glass, one whip I owned the screen would roll around...
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    Discontinued VRIPtech Heating Wand

    heres my question, does your wand get hot to the touch? And are you loading your bowl with enough ( to the top yields best results)? Last there are two knobs inside the handle, VT1 VT2, go here and figure out if yours is set up right, the higher you turn it the hotter the wand gets. Hope that...
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    Herbs that smell like piss

    "Cat Piss" is exactly what Iwien said "Anarobic bacteria" and that will hurt you, could even lead to a lung infection. Best way to know if your bud is free of mold is to use a microscope and check out your bud, along with smelling it, but the true test is in the microscope. You did a good job...
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    We Lost A Great One

    Today one of the biggest icons in reggae music has passed, Mr. Gregory Isaacs "The Cool Ruler". I had the privilege of discovering his music during my honeymoon in Jamaica and instantly feel in love, he will surely be missed by the music community. some of my favorite tracks by Gregory: "The...
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    Ea Sports MMA

    Yeah im really liking it alot, just gotta get the controls down better. So fun to fight with Nick Diaz, my favorite MMA fighter. Yeah your too good at UFC "making wannabes quit" I did get my one knockout though. Well the online features are way better and there's alot of stuff you can do...
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    Ea Sports MMA

    Anyone playing this game I picked it up for 360 and I'm loving all the features, its a fun game. We can do a FC fight card if anyones playing :lol:
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    Discontinued VapeXhaleLabs Presents: The Cloud

    Grindin'! Love the beat! Man that thing makes clouds! " Very nice how much?"-Borat voice
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