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  1. cptofnthng

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    Im still puzzled by all the praise for the venty. But i felt the same for the mighty. The taste is average at best and it takes 10-12 hits on 190°C to clear a bowl. Miles away from a tinymight running 5/10 with a j-hook in terms of power, density of vapor and taste. Very overpriced too. I guess...
  2. cptofnthng

    Marijuana and depression and anxiety

    As a standalone "treatment" it seems a very bad idea, because it generally supresses emotions, which are the way to get out of it. Yes, all emotions have a reason and need to be felt and understood. Your body is telling you something important with emotions. Therapy means a very disciplined...
  3. cptofnthng

    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    The bagjack. Jaxel posted it in telegram.
  4. cptofnthng

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    I think conduction happens automatically, because the bowl is heated. Microdosing might work with a reducer and on high temp. But its not working without.
  5. cptofnthng

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    Its not hot enough. Its not 210 in the bowl while drawing. You will barely get vapor from hash that way. Ball vape works wonders with hash. But If you try, capsules + vape wool should be worth a try.
  6. cptofnthng

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    Its not hot enough by far for hash.
  7. cptofnthng

    Investing in Cannabis Related Stocks

    Still in the ETF Game as well. Not so much Cannabis.
  8. cptofnthng

    Plane Travel with oil pens

    You can ask britney griner for advice
  9. cptofnthng

    2023 Most Reached For

    Dani for flavor? Thats a new one for me. I should maybe try one. My MRF are TM and Zeal. Covers all my bases.
  10. cptofnthng

    Tafée Bowle

    Q3/23 restock coming soon, stay tuned
  11. cptofnthng

    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    Anyone wants to Grind some diablo4 with me? I have a nuke lvl100 rogue. Not seasoned though. Didnt Like the sentinel thing.
  12. cptofnthng

    19DX from HerbalTherm

    Well considering hes living in a camper, i would say planning isnt his strong suit.
  13. cptofnthng

    Completed [H] Almost new venty [W] PPGS 350 €

    Hey Guys, Offering a venty, bought in december, has seen three charges, around 20 bowls. Comes with smellproof case and normal replacement set. Hasnt been registered with S&B yet. So I can take care of shipping If in europe.
  14. cptofnthng


    We can vote for an internal defintion here. Like everything under 0.1g is a microdose. Just for sake of the argument.
  15. cptofnthng

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    Honest answers, both arent great vapes. Arizer especially has the worst airflow i ever experienced in a vape and made me Not vape for a few years. But the venty has much more punch than arizer vapes. You can get a bowl done in a few hits. And much better airflow.
  16. cptofnthng

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    How annoying.
  17. cptofnthng

    SS Zeal microscope pictures among other things

    Congratulations for your pictures. You have a keen eye.
  18. cptofnthng

    Scoop & tamping tools

    I dont Like magnetic scoops with the BCG. But it Sure Looks nice
  19. cptofnthng

    Crafty+ bubbler or bong

    Anything works. Take a Look at the China Glass thread. Klein recyclers are nice, i started with a sake bottle and GAS Kicked in. Now i have 5 pieces.
  20. cptofnthng

    EU alternatives to Vapefiend

    These french vape shops are all very slow and have no communication with customers unless pressured, but after weeks they delievered. Had the same experienced with LCV, docteur and vaporisateur. So only Order when youre patient.
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