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  1. Gnome34

    Huni Badger (electric nectar collector)

    I placed an order for the Huni Badger Pro today. Fell back in love with my glass nectar collector over the past week and I've always wanted to try a Badger. Will report back upon arrival after testing!
  2. Gnome34

    Arizer Solo 3

    This is next on my list. Lee's most recent video really impressed me. Looks like a power house, I'm so excited.
  3. Gnome34

    Dynavap VapCap

    Interesting, the difference in metal in the newer caps is likely what I'm experiencing. They do perform better with a torch. I'm going to grab a YLL 2.0 at some point this week. That way I can adjust settings to compensate for the weaker caps.
  4. Gnome34

    Dynavap VapCap

    I'm using a Koil Boi induction heater. It works well with *any* tip using my older caps. It does not produce vapor with the new captive caps until the 3rd heat up cycle regardless of the tip. Seems kind of impossible that I got 4 bad captive caps in a row and no one else here has had issues...
  5. Gnome34

    Dynavap VapCap

    Does your captive cap provide vapor after the second reheat in an induction heater? None of my 4 caps provide vapor until the third cycle. Making sure they click twice, fit properly, etc etc. not my first dynavap rodeo. Apparently people here think it's funny to have this many defective...
  6. Gnome34

    Dynavap VapCap

    If it was just a one off experience I would. Every single captive cap I've used has been far worse than the 2018-2021(I think?) caps. It's my only complaint with the entire dynavap ecosystem. The cap quality has tanked. You're right though, I think I will reach out to them and see if I can...
  7. Gnome34

    Dynavap VapCap

    Unless they increased the height of these new tips I don't think a depth adjustment would change anything. The induction heater works perfectly on all of my other dynavaps and with the old caps. It's these new captive caps me thinks.
  8. Gnome34

    Dynavap VapCap

    I think I'm partially understanding what you are getting at. Just got the M7 and M+ two days ago. I've used them heavily since. On both devices the only way I could get good hits with the included captive caps was through a torch. My Koil Boi IH would cause the caps to click in 4-6 seconds...
  9. Gnome34

    Dynavap VapCap

    Almost looks like an oil slick! Kinda pretty though!
  10. Gnome34

    Focus V Aeris

    Damn! 😂 My proxy has been serving me fine for a few months with around 20 dabs a week on two days(dungeons and dragons and golf days). Sorry to read your experience has not been as positive, I'm not a fan of puffco as a company at all these days. Crappy customer service and overpriced products...
  11. Gnome34

    Arizer Air SE

    Any word on how many sessions per charge one could expect?
  12. Gnome34

    What erigs are you currently using?

    The 3grams 3d atomizer died about 3 weeks ago or so. Pleased with that for the price. I've added a Dr Dabber Switch to my lineup recently and it has replaced everything else for me. Only use the proxy when portability is required. The Switch is the perfected version of the Daab (which used to...
  13. Gnome34

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    I've been on the fence on the Minivap for about two years now. If it wasn't quite so expensive I would pull the trigger but I just can't justify it. Wish I could use one first but they are too rare in the wild for that opportunity to pop up. I really should sell some of my collection and...
  14. Gnome34

    Induction Heater MAD Heaters - Innovative Dynavap Accessories

    Love the honesty! No need to string folks along, thank you Brenyo!
  15. Gnome34

    Dr Dabber Switch (Induction Vaporizer)

    Got my used switch in the mail on Wednesday of this week. Took some trial and error over the past few days to get dialed in but I'm very impressed. Using the AIN cup in crystal mode hovering in the low blues so far. Lots of vapor and good flavor too. Pulled the trigger on some more...
  16. Gnome34

    JCVAP Poby Smart Dab Rig Vaporizer

    Has it arrived yet? Curious to hear your thoughts on it!
  17. Gnome34

    How do you travel with your q-tips and dab tool?

    Yeah I just dump my q-tips into a baggy. All my dab stuff goes in the carrying case for the Proxy. Like a lil dab purse, it's pretty handy.
  18. Gnome34

    How do you travel with your q-tips and dab tool?

    No issues with q-tips, just toss em in a baggy. My girlfriend even found biodegradable bamboo ones that are meant to degrade quickly. I've yet to figure out the dab tool though. Currently just using one of those cheap silver tools in a baggy that barely fits the tool in. The baggy is getting...
  19. Gnome34

    Puffco Proxy

    I don't have high expectations but at that price I can't fight off curiosity. Plus if it's decent I'd love to take that as my portable, cheap enough I wouldn't cry over it should something happen.
  20. Gnome34

    Puffco Proxy

    Definitely grabbing one just to compare!
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