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  1. Pukka

    Arizer Solo 3

    I'd guess the internal packaging between the 2 & 3 are similar, given the similar exterior architecture and it's really simple to replace the cell pack in the 2 once the warrenty expires. Since no one's done a tear down yet to confirm my suspicions I'd guess pack replacement would pretty much be...
  2. Pukka

    Divine Tribe atty's

    Divine Tribes carries them. ~50ish usd
  3. Pukka

    Random thoughts

    You could have added Los Angeles to that list ~75 years ago. Thanks to our best friends and benifactors Big Government and Oil.
  4. Pukka

    Herb Grinders

    I've used a wooden grinder with a similar face pattern. It was ok I guess. I wouldn't spend 80 clams to find out. Nice shelf piece, though.
  5. Pukka

    Angus Enhanced

    Depends on your temp. For me, heady
  6. Pukka

    Storage at home?

    Look on eBay for wooden cigar boxes. Or if you have a local tobbacconist, visit them and see if they have any empties. And no, they don't smell anything like cigerettes. Lot's of interesting opertunities...
  7. Pukka

    Da Buddha

    It's easy to open and look for a fault to fix. Edit: It's 2 or 3 screws to remove the bottom and a nut holds the main power section. Really pretty simple. If you look at their site menu for maintence parts (vaporizer>Elev8>SSV>maintenance, iirc) they have a listing for the control module that...
  8. Pukka

    Da Buddha

    It isn't. If it's newer it should all be plug n play and it's only 2 screws
  9. Pukka

    AirVape Legacy Pro

    No relationship whatsoever (more or less) at least having to do with clouds. Technique, moisture, device, strain, phase of the moon and who knows what else effect cloudage. If your avb (abv) has changed colour and takes on a dry, crispy texture it's cached. Temp, otoh, affect what's vaporized...
  10. Pukka

    The Picture Thread

    Ok now, where ya get me pic, huh ...
  11. Pukka

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    Absolutely the truth. Best hashish device I've ever found.
  12. Pukka

    Pax - All Models

    I'm interested also. Cheapist option on Vapospy is 50usd higher...
  13. Pukka

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    Stoner's (or I) can act stupidly. The clamp's there for their (or my) protection.
  14. Pukka

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    It's just one of the things I love about TRWW and why they're top-tier folks. You can get spares of everything.
  15. Pukka

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    If it's like other S&B devices it will work, just not optimumly. You can also use rhe same method with a capsule
  16. Pukka

    Pax - All Models

    The Pax and Miqro win the "Most Tiniest device I own". Not my favorite for conduction devices (Elev8's SideKick is king here) but I don't hate it (Flowermate Anything, anyone?). The Pax's vapor path is stainless to it's exit in the plastic top button/piece and silicon mouthpiece. Kind of a bitch...
  17. Pukka

    Herb Grinders

    OK grinder. Finer side of mid grind. Well made, decent magnets. About the same width as a large Calli Crusher but shorter. Too small for my regular use but otherwise ...
  18. Pukka

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    Look for "Crafty/Mighty 8mm Stem Adapter by VGoodiEZ". Don't know if it will work for you, but ... 🙃 edit: Sorry, thought it was 10mm.
  19. Pukka

    Venty by Storz & Bickel

    Have you checked VGoodiEZ? IIRC they have 10mm stem adapters for the Mighty, maybe they have the Venty version ...
  20. Pukka

    How to reduce phlegm with asma + nicotine + weed?

    Like Durbandream said, drink more plain water. Add a twist for flavor in your water doesn't taste great. We all have been brain-washed to think we must drink soda and stuff to fill our liquid needs. Green tea is a good solution too if you're not caffeine sensitive.
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