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    Inductor - Desktop Induction Heater by Camouflet

    seen several posts about you can use it with the lotus but not any specific followup so i am here to say that if you do, be mindful; the entire metal surface will get hot fast and you can hurt yourself, or worse, melt the plastic housing of the inductor head. i didnt end up damaging the head but...
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    Camouflet Inductor Giveaway - What Camouflet creation would you pick to pair with your Inductor!?

    4890 i already have an inductor and it rules, id love a zooter to go with it though!
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    already i really miss the pure :)
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    Why can no one sell a cheap wireless ball vape?

    try buying the wrong stuff, maybe theyll send you the right stuff :shrug:
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    also a little deflated by the inflation... i still plan to buy, but it certainly depleted for now any vapman 2 money i may have had ;) it does make that $400 auction prize from a bit back more enviable; just a small premium to have been enjoying it this whole time!
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    its quite handsome on a magic flight orbiter!
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    id love it if they brought back the original scoop. i lost mine a long time ago, but the side offset just worked better for me than the typical spoon scoops we see
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    Discontinued The NEO by Prrl Labs

    tj's are much better than anything i could provide:
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    Discontinued The NEO by Prrl Labs

    really unfortunate news! i had always been interested in a neo but kept putting the purchase off for this or that reason. well, i have it now and its awesome. i had used a different box mod dry herb vape before and had to stop myself from throwing it in the actual trash. in contrast, this works...
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    well, i'm in for one. sticker price is a little high, but it seems they wont be sending invoices until its ready to ship. in that circumstance, delaying until feb is just fine with me :sherlock:
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    well, i'm sure interested. the M is the most broadly useful vape i own and this would be a nice upgrade, better flavor with similar durability. do we know if it works as well with a bic or other soft flame on the zirc stem as it does with the metal tips? and i assume a regular dv ccd would fit...
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    Phase3 Vaporizers

    posting to register my absolute satisfaction with the z bowl! love this thing, especially the low profile. now when will we see them in white? :brow:
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    what im getting from all these comments about disliking the personalized hotplate is that Vapman should investigate gold plating them ;) no hole, no problem.
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    Camouflet Convector

    i was right, but what i didnt expect was it put the anvil to bed too! i really get along with the convector as it is, so i love seeing these improvements. i think i have a decent idea of what the new cap is like already; i had to reassemble the heater at one point and put the plates in backward...
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    MagicStone Alchemy

    can confirm, that torch is perfect with the magic stone!
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    i believe enano(?) gong stems have come up as wpa alternatives before in this thread
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    is isnt "removable" but you can remove it :sherlock:
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    im hoping theyre keeping the saucer cap in their back pockets! i have a cheap tobacco pipe that i use with the lotus, by pairing the wpa with a glass 18-14 reducer. the chamber is a little too large for it so i wrapped it in teflon tape to create a gasket; you could also use an o-ring. i...
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    well gang, the presale period has started.
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