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  1. cpl5938


    A little transparency would have been nice. Clearly, the Solo 3 was in the final stages of production when the Solo II Max was announced.
  2. cpl5938

    Arizer Solo 3

    I'm seeing it on their site for $349.99 USD.
  3. cpl5938


    This is my first Solo.
  4. cpl5938


    Received a new replacement Solo II Max. This thing is a beast. Feels good in the hand with the slightly textured metal. I’ve been using the Air Max since it was released as my main vape and I’d say the Solo II Max maintains the temp better when taking a hit as well as getting slightly more...
  5. cpl5938


    My Solo 2 Max arrived today and just throws an Error 2 when I try to charge it. I’ve tried different outlets, chargers and cords but no go. Back to POTV it goes.
  6. cpl5938

    Arizer Air MAX

    Both of my Air Max’s have weed dust behind the screen. Most noticeable in bright, outdoor light. Not sure there’s a cure. I hope the Solo II Max has the screen more isolated.
  7. cpl5938

    DaVinci IQ2

    I have both. The resistance of the IQC draw is a little easier than the IQ2 with the air dial fully closed. Maybe equals about 1 click open for the IQ2 air dial. I prefer the air dial but if I never had an IQ2 I’d be fine with the IQC. i do find the IQC easier to keep clean than the IQ2 for some...
  8. cpl5938

    Oldest vaporizers

    my first vape was an Ubie. Had to be the late 1990s when I got it.
  9. cpl5938

    What's your temp stepping method? Longer shesh vs 1hit extraction

    I step temp with an Arizer AirMax. I start at 370f and go up by 2-3 increments for 4-5 hits. Then I turn the unit off and when I come back later to finish off the tube, I start at 385f and go up to 400f or so for 6-8 hits. Definitely have to go high temp for the last couple of hits. I could go...
  10. cpl5938

    DaVinci IQC

    Yes, the IQC is more of a matte finish that definitely is grippier than the smooth surface of the IQ2.
  11. cpl5938

    Easiest to maintain, portable dry herb vapes?

    Arizer Air Max
  12. cpl5938

    What is your favorite dry herb vaporizer

    Currently, an Arizer Air Max.
  13. cpl5938

    Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    I never really sucked in any flower. I have a cherry, canary, and padauk and really can't say they tasted much like anything, but certainly after a few bowls they are all the same. I used the Junior for almost a year straight but not much these days because it's so easy to get big clouds that I...
  14. cpl5938

    Arizer Air MAX

    Got one of these recently on a half-price sale through Arizer. Wow, this thing is great. I've been wanting to try an Arizer vape for a long time and glad I took the plunge. Very easy to use, very efficient, and easy to clean. I'm getting about 90 minutes from the battery but I put that down to...
  15. cpl5938

    DaVinci IQ2

    I’ve been using the dosage pods exclusively for the last couple of years. First, the ceramic ones and then the steel. Tonight I just crammed a big bud into the oven, tamped it down, and did a few hits on Smart Path 3. Wow. Much more powerful hits and I could really use the air dial to cool the...
  16. cpl5938

    Who’s Your Favorite Legal Source for Flower?

    After trying most of the places in Massachusetts over the last couple of years, my preference is The Botanist when it comes to quality and consistency.
  17. cpl5938

    Firefly 1, 2, 2+

    I only get the glowing red on the first hit and it's only on for about that time so not sure that's an issue. I find tapping the sensors to be flaky sometimes but that's all I do as I don't use their app.
  18. cpl5938

    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    Yes, it is very dense. The surface is definitely more smooth and less porous than the others although the grain actually looks like more open than say cherry.
  19. cpl5938

    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    Totally a fan of padauk vs other woods at this point. Having used a padauk Junior for a few weeks now it definitely stays cleaner and is easier to clean than my cherry or canary Juniors.
  20. cpl5938

    What’s the most unusual situation or place you chose to medicate?

    8th grad science class. We used to have to do experiments in the lab portion of the classroom and the teacher had medical issues and would fall asleep so we would open a rear window and blow the smoke out of it. Unfortunately, the teacher ended up dying on that class in front of us.
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