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    Camouflet Convector

    Hello guys, I am trying to order but the discount code for FC members doesn't seems to work. I have used "EarlyAccess". Should I use something else ? Thanks and regards, Victarion.
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    Boiling point myths and the science of flower vaporization

    Many thanks for sharing these episodes. Around the middle of the first episode something hits me. It is about the fact that people easily understands that some plants are better to give a heady vs couch-lock effect. But most don't know that with the same plant you can also achieve a variety of...
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    The Convection Thread

    Very very very interesting topic. Nothing constructive to add but I'm learning stuffs here. Thanks guys. 👍
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    The Nomad From Morwood

    Hi all, On my side I am batch 2 #60 and I haven't received any news since the last update (end of August). So don't worry Dan is probably extremely busy. Cheers, :cool:
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    Vapman is my daily driver (most frequent when not daily). I have a yew and a boxwood but the yew is the one I reach. Other than this I have 2 dynavap (M + Vong).
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    Official CBD Discussion Thread

    Hi, I've been trying looseleaf ( recently (April) with 2 strains : berry haze and OG kush. Have been really surprised. Correct prices, correct shipping cost, nice flower, nice smell (actually when I have opened the second strain I traveled back in the time during my youth)...
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    Guess the weight and win the Golden Scoop-n-Poke!

    9.49g. Good Luck to all
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    From my experience I have never combusted on this setting (1 year of regular use). However I have to say that when I use it on this setting, I remove the vapman as soon as the light turns green. While with the other settings I sometimes let it sit few additional secondes or more. So maybe it is...
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    Cannabis' Immune properties

    Hello, May be related, maybe not related to this. Here my story. Since more than 25 years I have suffered from polyallergic syndrome. Which means that I can't treat anyone since I am allergic to many type of pollens. You can add also feather (pillow, coats), dust, acarians, cat hair... I have...
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    Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

    I am curious, which kind of small do you associate with these symptoms?
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    For micro dosing with good taste, what about the vapman?
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    The Nomad From Morwood

    I already really liked the sleeve on the Nomad I. I found it was contributing to the customizable looks. You could see this vape was handmade and very different than the others. But my god, this second version is an "hommage" (I don't know the appropriate word in English for this but I am sure...
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    Vaporization temperature dependent selection of effects

    That's extremely interesting guys. Thanks for sharing. On my side, very difficult to reproduce and experiment as the only vape I have is the vapman. What I can definitely tell you is that this vape allows : 1 - to microdose 2 - to get full spectrum using small flame, slow and long draw. I've...
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    The Nomad From Morwood

    Extremely classy. Love it.
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    Hi Guys, Would like to share with you some customisation I did on the station. Before: After: A docking station for the station! The base embed the power brick, I've also change the main cable for a 90° one that is a bit longer than the original to compensate for the length loss between...
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    Personally I like to use the sandwich method. Works well for European style hash that don't melt. The filter stay clean like this.
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    CBD Vapour Production

    My 2cts : I think it depends a lot about the vaporizer itself also. For example for a given CBD strain, my Vapman produces nice cloud easily compared to my dynavap M. I have observed that CBD strains tends to be more dry, at least for all the varieties I have tested here in EU (from several...
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    Hi Guys, Time for an update now that Noisette (Classic Walnut) has been replaced by Mr. Yew after two months of intensive but careful usage. As I was explaining before, I had zero experience about vaping before getting Noisette. And because I am really not able to be consistent, it made the...
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    Bye bye dear noisette. Hello to Mr. Yew. Funny how the wood feel different. Heavier but smoother to the touch.
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    Some vape porn.
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