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  1. beiberhole69

    Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

    What's the best way to clean the body? Just dug mine out of a drawer to let a GF use and it is pretty filthy. I'm pretty sure alcohol will fk up this grippy kind of silicone or w/e (thanks HP laptop for teaching me this). Maybe just warn water and dish soap? Lmk if there's a good option.
  2. beiberhole69

    TinyMight / TM 2

    Hey bros, where we getting cheap screens for our TM2 from?
  3. beiberhole69

    Didn't there used to be a forum for concentrate based vapes that wasn't "concentrates"

    I could swear that there was a forum where we used to talk about Divine tribe stuff or puffco proxies and peaks and all that.
  4. beiberhole69

    Divine Tribe atty's

    what about the chazzing he cant get clean, is that normal?
  5. beiberhole69

    Cloud Connoisseur Zenith

    These seem similar to an eNano. What's the real difference?
  6. beiberhole69

    Multi-brand Xmax V3Pro vaporizer, convection, on-demand&session.

    This thing is Bieberhole approved! Picked one up off Reddit on the cheap as I've seen so many positive reviews and I MUST CONCUR! I saw it came w a concentrate cup. Figured I wouldn't waste my time but any give it a go? Do people usually just charge the batt it came with (this one is baby...
  7. beiberhole69

    Discontinued RBT Milaana 1, 2, 3

    Cool, thnx, firing off a PM now
  8. beiberhole69

    Discontinued RBT Milaana 1, 2, 3

    Who can we go to for repairs or parts for these things nowadays? I've got an OG where the glass under the screen on the intake broke. It came unglued awhile ago, so I really just need that female 18mm tube cut to the right length. Any tips?
  9. beiberhole69

    TinyMight / TM 2

    I unscrewed it to put in a battery and then couldn't find it all of a sudden.
  10. beiberhole69

    TinyMight / TM 2

    I think I lost the battery cover. Not seeing it listed in accessories on the site. What are my options?
  11. beiberhole69

    TinyMight / TM 2

    Seems like this might be the culprit as it's not hitting again now after unscrewing. However, I'm not finding it to be that simple to readjust, so maybe it's something else. Pretty disheartening. Ok, I think it's back. I think it was the bottom screw. I loosened it a bit and then it...
  12. beiberhole69

    TinyMight / TM 2

    So, I got a TM last week. Love the shit. However, Saturday night after ripping a bunch of bowls with a buddy, it seemed to go cold. Even on a fresh batt. I almost cried. BUT, I was able to get some vape out of a stem before I went to bed. When I woke up, it was still hitting, but just...
  13. beiberhole69

    Pen Boundless Technology TERP Pen

    I'm gonna get one of these tomorrow. Already have a Sai but just need something for novelty's sake right now. Fingers crossed!
  14. beiberhole69

    Milaana 3

    #77 checking in. I used to be a pinky pusher with my OG milaana, but I'm finding I cover the intake hole when I do that with the 3, so I'm trying to learn to use my middle finger on the button and hold it lower. Very pleased so far. BUT, I have a question about older milaana's that has...
  15. beiberhole69

    Discontinued The RBT Milaana (unregulated single 18650)

    Alright, so, what's the recommended adhesive to use on the bottom? For some reason my glue is all giving out at once now. THe female glass slid out first, and now this weekend the bottom just fell off. It's an OG, but it got some RBT TLC not that long ago. What's my best bet for some self...
  16. beiberhole69

    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    I mean, GHL deserves plenty of criticism (and they've got it)... but it sounds like people are doing chargebacks while planning on keeping the unit. What kind of entitled shit is that?!?! A lot of people want to kick these guys while they're down though.
  17. beiberhole69

    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    IDK about that but it definitely seems like people working against their own best interests. Especially the people doing bank chargebacks instead of attempting refunds through regular channels. This really couldn't happen at a worse time with the stigmatization of "vaping" right now. If it's...
  18. beiberhole69

    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    Lame The fire is lame. The speculation is lame. This company's customer service is lame. bLame Who's to bLame for the flame. Tis a game? Walkin through the streets naked, shame shame shame.
  19. beiberhole69

    Anyone try ABV Butter using a Mota Pot?

    Yea, I just did the other half that I did that night with cocoanut oil and it's not green at all either. Something possibly wrong with the material? The butter cookies are okay but not out of this world strong. I'm thinking maybe I didn't decarb well enough?
  20. beiberhole69

    Anyone try ABV Butter using a Mota Pot?

    I just made some butter for the first time (usually use coconut) with weed I decarbed (usually do AVB) and it doesn't look or smell "green" at all... just kinda lookin like melted butter. Did I fuck this up again somehow? Usually when I do it it's brown or greenish and very fragrant, but maybe...
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