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  1. potatobass

    (UNVERIFIED) Skinny by Storz & Bickel

    This exactly. I have plenty of reason to be doubtfull about the Venty being a good value for money , as I consider that the Mighty+ does not perform well in that regard and S&B has an history of making big anouncement for minor improvement (from the "+" series , to every Volcano color...
  2. potatobass

    (UNVERIFIED) Skinny by Storz & Bickel

    100% agreed : I ve come to peace with the fact that , despite many people praising those units , I am not interested at all in what S&B offers. For me , at same price point : tinymight 2 >mighty+ Tinymight 1 > crafty+ Herborizer , flowerpot , SSV > volcano (but i hate bags) , plenty Just...
  3. potatobass

    (UNVERIFIED) Skinny by Storz & Bickel

    There was a couple of stories on S&B instagram where the CEO had a gray unit in hand , with the caption "prototype testing", but it looked nothing like it ... more like a smaller and less round crafty. Was very small on the pictures so really no tangible information to give... Just to say they...
  4. potatobass

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    I have a standard wand SSV heater cover. I was about to switch to spherical (mostly to go full glass vapor path) , but now I'm wondering if it would worth it to go for the glass balls kit. Given that I only vape dry herb and that I'm more than happy with the results, especially for a 10years old...
  5. potatobass

    TinyMight / TM 2

    Just grabbed a Tinymight2 ... What a neat design. This thing is incredible : this is the first time I am 100% satisfied with a portable device. Tried Arizer air 2 , MLFB , vaporgenie , vaponic , xmax, Fog , Glow18 and boundless terra... but none of them come close to that beast . Smooth big...
  6. potatobass

    What’s on your 4/20 wishlist?

    The SSV is my daily driver, but I was in need for a reliable and powerfull portable... It was either a mighty or a tinymight2... picked the latest for less than 300€ . I just prefer the craftmanship over an industrialy produced vape, plus i prefer an on demand vape. Can't wait to try it!!
  7. potatobass

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    Hello guys, Celebrating my ten years SSV anniversary!! I would like to treat myelf and switch to spherical ground glass instead of the standard wand. Do you fell like it's worth it? Also i love the idea of not using tubes anymore , so considering the all glass transfer wand ... But i was...
  8. potatobass

    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Hi Tom , Hi Pammy Just wanted to say hi because i'am so happy to hear from you. Purple days was my first vape, bought it after my first lung collapse. Probably had one of the first in europe. It changed my life , allowed me to quit combustion, and completely educated the 18y old me to prefer...
  9. potatobass

    Boundless Tera

    So , after a month i can say that i really like the terra overall. Vapor production is quite good but i feel that it’s a vape that requires long and/or strong drag to shine(i am more used to my glow rcv, on demand vapo type). Extraction is impressive, nice dark brown AVB , almost on the edge of...
  10. potatobass


    Hello folks! I’d love a dark blue-ish green with a mat finish.
  11. potatobass

    Boundless Tera

    Well , I just saw the sale was happening again, just came back from a very hard outdoor mission with work where i caught a massive cold, so , as i feel like sh*t and wanted to treat myself, i just did a compulsive buy and ordered that baby. :lol: I wanted to save for a mighty, but at that price...
  12. potatobass

    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    so… Given that: -you can get any vaporizer on the market for that price, even2 really good different units. -The crafty+ with usb-c can be used on an external battery making it very close to a mighty+ imho Does that make sense to buy a 400$ mighty in 2021? Is it that good? Never tried the...
  13. potatobass

    dry vapor reduces oxygen uptake in the lungs

    I remember when i stopped combustion (11years ago). I indeed had difficulties breathing, but it didn't last more than a month. I put this on the fact that my lungs was getting rid of all the "hashtray goo" build up. You need to be consistent and not smoke a bit for a month or two before giving...
  14. potatobass

    Dreamwood Glow

    Thx! I ll try a stuttering technique this weekend. Mine is a 0.33ohm twisted coil, i am not sure if that is the one you’re talking about. Thx for the reply and the awesome vape overall!
  15. potatobass

    Dreamwood Glow

    Hello everyone! So i bought a rcv18 v2 2 or 3 month ago. I like it overall, really impressed by the powerfull hits that I get. i love the discreet design . But: When using the pods , my weed gets vqped evenly. When using the glass stems (cooling or regular) , I get hotspot so i need to stir...
  16. potatobass

    Tinymight VS Splinter Z VS Arizer Air 2

    I m looking for a portable vape to let at my girlfriend place and to use occasionaly on hikes or travels. We would share it. I'm a vaporist since 2010 , used and owned : Purple day (stopped working) , herborizer (best i owned but had two dumb cats so i sold it because of glass breaking hazard) ...
  17. potatobass

    Fog by X-Vape

    Does anybody have an e-mail adress for aftersales services at Xvape? Can't find them online... My Fog stopped working yesterday... All Leds behave normaly , but the unit is not heating enough to reach vape temperature anymore, even at highest setting... Little disapointed since I only used...
  18. potatobass

    FR Vaporisateur portable, que choisir ?

    Bon ... J'ai fais un choix qui peut paraitre bizarre , mais j'ai décidé d'acheter 2 vapo "bas de gamme" plutot q'un seul moyenne gamme. Pour 160€ , je m'en tire avec un Xmax V2 avec embout en verre, et un Xvape fog. J'ai déjà les accus 18650 et un chargeur , donc ça me semblait un meilleur...
  19. potatobass

    FR Vaporisateur portable, que choisir ?

    Merci tout le monde! Bon , j'ai décidé de ressortir le Vapor Genie pour cette session boulot , histoire de me prendre un vrai bon vapo quitte à y mettre le prix... Je pense partir vers un Air 2 vu que j ai deja un chargeur de batterie 4 slot pour mon ecig et que je voyage toujours avec. J'ai vu...
  20. potatobass

    FR Vaporisateur portable, que choisir ?

    Bonjour tout le monde! Petit récap de mon profil pour vous permettre de voir ce que je cherche. Je vape depuis un sacré bail (2009 je crois). Je suis également à la ecig (avec batteries 18650). J'ai commencé avec un Log vape (le purple day) , puis j'ai eu un herborizer pendant quelque temps ...
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