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    Sub $100 portable recommendation please.

    Ace from topmax is a very kiss battery powered device. quite alarge bowl (0,3g?) and vape unground flower as well as a vapcap
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    Vapefiend's Ditanium 220V (EU/UK) Giveaway

    very cool and simple contest, I love it. and i think i would love the prize too :drool:
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    TV Shows - General Discussion

    Very nice show sharing, thank you ”Detroiters”
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    TV Shows - General Discussion

    ”I think you should leave” ”Vermin” ”Atypical” ”With bob and David”
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    NewFC question: one or the other or both

    If there is no way to migrate contents, logic would suggest sooner we move to the new platform the better, or am I missing something?
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    Important Announcement

    Just joined, happy you did this move This is a wonderful community, it would be a crime to lose it!
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    Portside Mini

    I was lucky to have the opportunity to exchange with @Pipes at the very beginning of induction heater “revolution”. I bougth a soldering iron and all parts and i did a couple of induction heaters following his precises guidelines .all are still working today i decided nonetheless to buy a port...
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    Sorry for misundertanding :lol: I clean the empty oven with 2min @max temp I clean cooling unit under very hot tap water
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    RBT ZapCap

    It will take longer to heat and battery will be depleted faster. it will be a little smaller though
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    E-Nano from Epicvape

    @ACE OF VAPE what about a gong without tapered end, just plane tube. i use a 14 mm gong with silicone oring on a 18mm bubbler (to avoid glass on glass grinding), it works flawlessy and his way it would be easier to made and cheaper to sell, just :2c: enano is a wonderfull asset during home...
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    This little vape is growing on me It is not used as main device (vapcap and enano in this moment), but thanks to its smoothness and capacity to vape unground flower quite evenly, it get used more every week I keep it very clean, 2 minutes autocleaning @255 C after each session (not every...
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    Its the black silicon thing It was with extra screens, little brush/cleaning thing
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    I think your unit has an issue somewhere: with my ace there is a huge difference if i close air intake, almost as if it was sealed. Is the silicone flush with mouthpiece heatsink?
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    I have carbon fiber one @PPN , i did many 255c cylces, for burn off and as per suggested after a load 2 min @255 to clean. Otherwise i vape between 200-220 One of the upper corner is turnig up, as if was shifting out of its place. But it didnt go far since noticing. Starting to think maybe it...
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    I tryied to close the airport on the bottom of the ace, i wanted to do like with a vapcap, meaning creating a vacuum in order to extract more at once. I can report that there is no other air intake, it is as if completely sealed, at least it is the impression as the mouthpiece cannot seal but it...
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    I tryied mine: unground flower @ 200C I am happy to report unground flowers were vaped evenly, i opened the bud and inside it was as brown as outside, so i am happy with this Exhale was shy compared to vapcap but i got vapor exhale for 10 minutes long before stopping, no huge convection hits...
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    For what is worth none can smell metals, it is something different you are smelling
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    I got mine too but i am recovering from flu (covid19 ?) and on a t-break I agree with @jardri about general observations, it is well built and solid and hefty while quite small Carbon fiber finition too isn’t real (adhesive cover) but it looks nice. Cover feels rubbery and should provide some...
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    Induction heater: which metals can be heated?

    I tryed to use concentrates with the vaponic through IH but never worked, now i understand why
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