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  1. icecream

    Phase3 Vaporizers

    I am so glad I jumped on the ZX train! Compared to my other ball vapes, I find the ZX to be more efficient and smooth while still delivering monster clouds.
  2. icecream

    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Is the legacy 18650 battery proprietary? On their website it says the Lpro comes with a "18650/3200 mAh Legacy PRO Removable Battery". It also says the legacy battery replacement is "compatible only with the AirVape Legacy and PRO model". What non-proprietary 18650 battery can you confirm works...
  3. icecream

    Old Head Freight Train

    Playing with the extra long hollowed out joint was one of the main reasons I pulled the trigger on the FT parts last week. I received the FT on Saturday, and can confirm that it is fun! I like to stuff a whole nug up in the FT hollow joint/neck with a basket screen to hold it in, and it vapes...
  4. icecream

    The Angus Halogen Vape by YLL Vape

    Too late, I think yllvapes already decided on the name "Angus"
  5. icecream

    Old Head Freight Train

    Info sourced from oldheadtc Instagram; posted about an hour ago: Brian is only releasing a small number of units once per day for now. Just keep checking if you want to buy the full package. Parts are still available, as of now.
  6. icecream

    Old Head Freight Train

    It does not suprise me that the FT package sold out in the first day. The HR sold out in the first day too!
  7. icecream

    Firefly 1, 2, 2+

    I would like to get an FF someday for tasting purposes, but I have been stubborn about waiting for the FF3 for years now! I am ok with waiting another year, I have plenty of other vapes to keep me company. However I am curious if I am waiting for nothing. Does anyone KNOW if there will be an FF3...
  8. icecream

    Joosebox Customizable Vaporizer

    This was my exact thought when I saw the strobe lights. Terrible for stealth!
  9. icecream

    Old Head Freight Train

    I have a terp torch and a hot rod, so it is tempting to complete the old head trio collection. Both the terp torch and hot rod are boss heavy hitters ofcourse, but provide a considerably different hit and experience despite there similarities in design. I would imagine the freight train might...
  10. icecream

    The Angus Halogen Vape by YLL Vape

    How big is the herb chamber compared to the Mighty? It looks like it might be similar in the pic, but it is hard to tell. Also, is it possible for the user to access the glass balls so a different ball material (e.g., ruby balls, sapphire balls) can be used?
  11. icecream

    Dynavap VapCap

    This is would be better suited for the Orion thread. However, since you asked, I got 2 small cracks (I think from heat) on the side that is at the top next to the coil on my Orion v2 weeks ago. I am excited for the release of this year's colored Ms. I know it is probably still a long wait (last...
  12. icecream

    Orion Induction Heater

    When using a vapcap M with a SS tip, about 8 blinks past the click before potential combustion with the v2 is what I have been getting too. I like to go dark in my Dynavap, so when using an M with a SS tip and the v2 I heat it for 8 blinks past the click for the first heat cycle, and then 6...
  13. icecream

    Orion Induction Heater

    I never owned the v1, but over video chat I have compared the blink speed between my v2 and and the v1 that @MonsterWithoutBorders owns. His v1 does appear to blink slower than my v2. It is interesting to hear that your v1 blinks slower than your v2 as well. With time/practice you will get...
  14. icecream

    Orion Induction Heater

    I have been playing with my V2 for half a week now. I know some people shame the plastic casing, but I love the plastic casing because it makes the Orion very light so it doesn't feel too heavy in the pocket. I can toss it in my jacket pocket and forget it is there, and that is true portability...
  15. icecream

    Orion Induction Heater

    I wouldn't want a wood body, simply because it would probably increase the overall size. However, I do admit it would be beautiful.
  16. icecream

    Discontinued Terp Torch

    I like to use the screens that came with the Elev8R. They are a perfect fit with no wiggle in the TT bowl. Even better, stack 3 Elev8R screens in the TT bowl and your water piece will stay so much cleaner! The Elev8R bowl itself also works great with the TT, but that is old news.
  17. icecream

    The ELEV8R from Elev8 Vehicles

    I am glad you found the wire ball block helpful. I have only wrapped one enail coil for an elev8r before and @LabPong showed me how. I did all the coil stretching when the coil was off the quartz heater. First stretch out the coil some, and then slide the quartz heater in and out and rotate it...
  18. icecream

    The ELEV8R from Elev8 Vehicles

    I want to share this very simple wire mod I invented to keep the balls in the Elev8R. This wire ball block also serves as a safety that prevents the quartz heater from crashing to the floor if it ever does happen to slip in the coil. If you are interested in making this then you should know...
  19. icecream

    Discontinued Supreme Vaporizer

    Does anyone know the number for what grade of aluminium was used in the Supreme?
  20. icecream

    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Brian got one and flashed it around today. It looks pretty cool and the action is sick!
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