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  1. SeatownHaze

    The Flower Kettle by Custom Flower Hardware

    Love your videos! This thing looks and sounds great. I hope to try it one day. Good luck!
  2. SeatownHaze

    Tafée Bowle

    I asked about buying a replacement battery and they said basically "if you use the device correctly, the battery never needs to be replaced". I think they were trying to discourage me from opening up the device. Maybe they would be willing to replace the battery if you sent in the puck. They're...
  3. SeatownHaze

    Divine Tribe atty's

    I saw a recommendation on discord for the eleaf pico 25 from lepetitvapoteur.com for the dtv5. You would have to hold the button unless you update the software to get auto fire. I bought one for the lightning pen atomizer planning to update the software but haven't yet, holding the button hasn't...
  4. SeatownHaze

    BAKx - bake all kinds

    Ralph said he needs this week and maybe some of next week to get them all packed up. Check discord for the latest updates.
  5. SeatownHaze

    BAKx - bake all kinds

    There are more accessories planned from lamart if you wait: all glass 14mm and 18mm water pipe adapters (soon) bak banger (soon) u-turn bak banger (soon) I'm hoping we see some 510 extension cable and dry bent cooling stems for the BAK box too. I tried my luck yesterday but didn't get lucky...
  6. SeatownHaze


    Hey guys, I lost one of the tiny filter screws while I was cleaning the vapman recently and ended up figuring out that M1.4 x 5mm screws work fine. I didn't see this mentioned in the thread despite some searching, so I wanted to post it in case it's useful to someone else (and so I don't forget...
  7. SeatownHaze

    Magma and Obsidian Volcano Bubblers

    Has anybody tried both the obsidian and the glass magma? Do they perform any differently or is the main difference just the added safety of the 2nd chamber? Had an obsidian a while ago and loved it. Also FYI for anyone interested there's a sale going on right now. Edited for spelling
  8. SeatownHaze

    Tafée Bowle

    You're right. I was assuming that the minivap would have a male 14 sticking out of it but that may not be correct.
  9. SeatownHaze

    Tafée Bowle

    Maybe a 14 female to 14 female glass adapter would give you the clearance you need. https://www.ebay.com/itm/142551215204?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=KsgaA8rsQnq&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=RqzmYqCPQb2&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY Does anyone have any info on what battery...
  10. SeatownHaze

    Tafée Bowle

    In the vapefiend video George mentions that Tafee is working on making the Bowle more accessible to more people (less expensive?) as well as some "new tech". How are you guys cleaning Bowle stems to avoid damaging the finish? I've done ISO soaks and the finish looks splotchy afterwards, though...
  11. SeatownHaze

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    @jasp3r was saying that his nylon WPA from vaporific didn't seal. Do you have any problems with sealing? I'm curious how the glass tube seals to the inside of the nylon WPA piece.
  12. SeatownHaze

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    Interesting, I just noticed this on the FAQ for improving extraction: For the highest density, the basket must be packed and filled to the brim, but it will be harder to inhale and the top of the plant won’t be extracted completely. https://www.minivap.com/support/frequently-asked-questions/
  13. SeatownHaze

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    Yea I'm surprised there's no solid wpa yet too. They have been talking about it (and a smaller battery) since 2013 according to posts in this thread. @jasp3r is the wpa that you received a 3D printed part or molded nylon? Anyone replaced the cells in their battery pack? Or opened one up to...
  14. SeatownHaze

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    Thanks for the tips, I like the dishwasher idea. Maybe the minivap is different (let me know if so) but in my experience whips get dirty and discolored pretty quick and need to be replaced (at least according to the volcano hybrid manual). Not really a big deal, I'd just prefer to have a...
  15. SeatownHaze

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    Disappointing that there wasn't much of a sale on minivap stuff this 420 but maybe we'll get lucky on Halloween or black Friday. Anyway, I purchased trontreez's OG teflon from the classifieds here and am excited to try it out. Thanks to all the contributors to this thread, there's a lot of good...
  16. SeatownHaze

    JyARz Storage Containers

    Anyone know of any good black Friday sales on chicos?
  17. SeatownHaze

    Tetra P80 Ordering & Shipping

    Hey guys do the untracked orders to the US get delivered by USPS or another carrier? Thanks in advance.
  18. SeatownHaze

    Underdog Log Vapes

    What are the differences between the alpha and alpha+ cores?
  19. SeatownHaze

    Volcano Hybrid

    I have ordered from cream city vapes and they are legit. Lowest prices on S&B products that I've found. Quick to ship and very responsive over email. Any of you guys also have a flowerpot/herborizer/Supreme style vape? How would you compare the efficiency and potency of the vapor from these...
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