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    WTS Tubo x Water pipe Combo

    Hi Everybody! I'm selling my Left Coast bong with Tubo x, Evic mod (with updated firmware installed) and a few mouthpieces. All parts will be thoroughly cleaned before sending. I've probably run 10 bowls through it. Honestly it's too much for me to handle. I'm a microdoser, so my Underdog...
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    Mixing Oil and Kief

    So I have gotten fed up with vaping oil in pens. I have a Hercules but that doesn't fit my usage, and I have an Ecig which I have built my own coils on to vape oil. I have also used oil in herb vaporizers, but I do not like using cotton or degummed hemp, since I feel the taste is weird. Back...
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    Magic Flight Orion

    Anybody else see this? I think Magic Flight has really lost their pickle. $1500 for a desktop vape? What a joke.
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    Cannabis Variation on Noon Chai (Kashmiri pink tea, salt tea)

    Cannabis Variation on Noon Chai (Kashmiri pink tea, salt tea) Ok, so for what it's worth I have yet to try this with a samovar. But using a stove it turned out good, I just had to be careful that I didn't overcook it. I can only imagine a samovar would make it easier. I also am just kind of...
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    Full Melt Dry Sift Questions

    I've always preferred dry sift hash to bubble hash for the flavor. Where it suffers compared to bubble is the difficulty in making it. Getting bubble hash to melt takes practice, but the work is mostly done by the ice, gravity, and the filter bags. Being exact in the agitation process is more...
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    Treating Epilepsy with Cannabis

    Does anyone else here use cannabis to treat epilepsy or other seizure disorders? I have temporal lobe epilepsy, and I've found cannabis extremely helpful in stopping and preventing seizures. My seizures don't cause me to lose consciousness, but rather I get an uncanny sensation of deja vu...
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    Traditional Hashish Pipes

    I know this is a site that is against combustion, but seeing as the line is blurred when it comes to smoking concentrates, I wanted to ask if anyone else here enjoys a traditional style smoke session from time to time. I like dabbing and using my DART when I have viscous concentrates, and when...
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    Switching from MF to TV Revolution

    I've been a happy customer of magic flight since 2010, and since then I've gone through two units. I have always been happy with the product, but there are some issues that I have never been able to get over. 1) The learning curve is steep, and thus I find it is hard to introduce people to...
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