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  1. F-UCTD

    Firefly 2 Plus

    As strange as it sounds when this happened to me with my FF2 I used some honey to stick the seal down and it worked. Not as good as a new lid but it worked.
  2. F-UCTD


    Keen to give this a go, love the stealth factor.
  3. F-UCTD

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    I really hope it's not Haze Square part 2. Be nice if a Ghost rep would pop his head in here.
  4. F-UCTD

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    Hi guys, well it looks like I'm destined not to have a working Ghost MV1. 3rd Stealth with the latch issue. I've started a ticket but not sure if anyone is at home. If I do get a replacement I think I'll go for satin silver next time. Have any satin silver MV1 owners had the latch issue? Such a...
  5. F-UCTD

    Convection, conduction, hybrid or all three?

    My Splinters get the most use. I'm definitely looking at the TinyMight.
  6. F-UCTD

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    Ghost can session like a Mighty, But a Mighty can never match the flavour of the Ghost, Get one and this is coming from someone onto their 3rd unit for latch issues. Just don't get the stealth model perhaps.
  7. F-UCTD

    Convection, conduction, hybrid or all three?

    I'm trying to find a portable to match a digital Volcano desktop. The only ones that get close are my convection vapes.
  8. F-UCTD

    Suggestions for my second vape: C+ vs MV1

    Good choice. I'm going to get one too at some point as well. 100% convection in such a small and stylish form - how could you not get one.
  9. F-UCTD

    Ghost MV 1 vs Splinter/Splinter Z

    I'm definitely watching the Tinymight thread I'm just wary of small companies and I hate waitlists. On-demand convection is the majority of my vaping and definitely my preference as well.
  10. F-UCTD

    Suggestions for my second vape: C+ vs MV1

    I have a very similar vape story to you, even the living in Australia part. My vape journey began with the FF2 as well. I chose it for the same reasons that you stated Flavour, Convection and Portability. What's interesting is that when the FF2 was my only vape and it was working properly I...
  11. F-UCTD

    Ghost MV 1 vs Splinter/Splinter Z

    Now that I have two Splinters, I must admit the Ghost doesn't see a lot of action. The Splinters are just too easy to load.
  12. F-UCTD

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    I used an ultrasonic cleaner and it stripped the coating off my Stealth MV1 heat sink and that was only using water.
  13. F-UCTD

    On Demand Vaporizer

    I have the ff2, Ghost Mv1 and two Splinters. My vote from what you are describing goes to the FF2+ if the better draw restriction claims are true. Small, relatively discreet and heats up in three seconds. If portability is not that much of a factor, then I recommend the Splinter with the xl8r stem.
  14. F-UCTD

    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    My new Ghost replacement won't pair to my phone anymore. Anyone else experiencing this?
  15. F-UCTD

    HERBIE 510 Stainless Steel Mesh Vaporizer

    I'd rather see flavour hits than massive clouds but I guess I'd be in the minority.
  16. F-UCTD

    Dynavap VapCap

    sorry to back track the post but as someone with connective tissue disease thanks for posting up about the aromai flint jet lighter. I use an Aomai flint wheel single jet when I use a torch. It doesn't have the highest butane capacity but it's easy to refill on the go and if you're just doing...
  17. F-UCTD

    The Nomad From Morwood

    Absolutely love the look of the new Nomad II - the best just got better.
  18. F-UCTD

    Custom Vape Glass?

    bossman that's exactly what I meant, but I wouldn't mind it even in a darker grey, I own a lot of black vapes for stealth purposes and the dark grey would definitely fit the aesthetic.
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