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    Pain Management - how do you cope?

    I agree with the vaping and eating. I've bought multiples of RSO syringes, RSO pills, gummies, mints, suppositories, etc. I've also made cookies, brownies and some chocolate. I only vape certain concentrates. I feel that some of them have a different "smell" then flower and some produce less...
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    Pain Management - how do you cope?

    My situation is a bit different. This is a revision and I know for sure I’ll lose some range of motion. Like you I’ve had some major surgeries. I’ve always moved on and found new ways to adapt but the cumulative effects of all of the surgeries make it worse. But, as usual, I’ll just “keep on...
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    Pain Management - how do you cope?

    Did you lose any range of motion following the shoulder arthoplasty? I don’t mean to pry but I’m facing something similar soon - I know the effects of surgery vary widely and our cases are probably very different but I thought I would ask anyway.
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    Music from the mid 60's to late 70's (when creative genius reigned..)

    Saw these guys live a few years back. Great show.
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    The FC Meme Thread!

    This made my morning. I'm really laughing about this one. I just had a biopsy the other day and I'm tempted to post this to my Facebook page.
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    New desktop vape

    This is one of my favorite vapes. Haven't been vaping flower in a long time but when I did the Elev8r was tops. You have to be careful with it but wow did it produce great vapor. It was just warm and smooth vapor. There's another user here (or one of the other forums) who really doesn't like...
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    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    I'm working on Ghost of Tsushima as well but I pretty much just started. It's a lot of fun. I also enjoy Last of Us, GTAV (single player), and others. I've limited my online play to RDR2. However, unless you have a lot of friends or a "crew/possee" to play with it gets boring fast.
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    The Official CannaBreak Thread

    Same here. I recently started taking 10mg oil capsules in the evenings. Occasionally, I'll take a 25mg if I'm not working early in the morning. As a result I believe my tolerance is pretty high. I guess the RSO I've been dosing probably isn't helping with tolerance issues either :leaf:. I...
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    Any thoughts on RSO that is described as 20mg THC / 5.1 mg CBN? This product is from a dispensary and I'd need to find out what they're making the RSO with but my guess is it's ethanol.
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    Sativa lovers

    Thanks so much for the reply. I tried the Ghost Rider RSO and the cerebral effects and euphoria were on point. It helped with pain. I took a small sized “drop” (schmear?, :))nd it worked quite well for several hours. This strain in combination with the opiates I take will be a great combo. I...
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    Sativa lovers

    That’s what I like too. I’ll try some of the Ghost Rider RSO that I purchased and then I’ll report back sometime next week. It doesn’t say OG on the label and I don’t know if there are two separate strains. It’s lineage includes Trainwreck which I like.
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    Sativa lovers

    I plan on exploring sativa dominant strains within the next couple of months. I was always somewhat weary of them because I was worried about paranoia but I’m not too sure of my worries now. I looked through my strain journal and found it not to be much of a really concern. I guess I got stuck...
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    Do you like coffee?

    I still love my Behmor Brazen drip machine. It's pretty cool to be able to tweak settings (temp&pre-soak). I use a Eureka Grinder which has range of grinds from French Press to almost turkish. I know some people don't like multi-purpose grinders but I'm not making Espresso and I'm not anal...
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    What's in your vape right now?

    Lone Star (Crumble)
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    Saionara Atomizer thread

    Has anyone tried the new SiC cup for the Sequoia? I’m getting great results with the Ti Bucket so I’m not sure I want to spend the extra money on it.
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    Not trying to make light of anything but the title of the thread immediately reminded me of a song. "Oh, that's good," "No, that's bad!" Here's a cover of the Sam the Sham version of the song:
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    Fuck you !!!

    I hear you guys and I'm right here with you. Fuck this... but I gotta keep plugging away. The ups and downs of this just suck though.
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