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  1. Haze Mister

    For Sale Rattle Can Bubbler (aka diffusion pump) 14mm male, by SAML/ Popular Glass.

    I have bought too many bubblers and am moving and minimising belongings so this one needs a new home. Very cool bubbler with minimal diffusion for maximum flavour. Some photos show some distortion on the bend of the inner tube, that's just the glass bending the light :( Price : €30 +...
  2. Haze Mister

    Suggestion: First post for a specific vaporizer must contain image or link

    I believe more people come to FC to try to find out what vape to buy than to discuss the vape after buying it? As a bit of an outsider to the cutting edge of vape technology , I drop in here infrequently and don't spend time on other sites related to vapes or cannabis. FC is literally the only...
  3. Haze Mister

    Anyone in the UK that can cut thick borosilicate glass tube?

    I have a couple of stems that I want to cut into smaller pieces to use as GonG adapters for my e-nano. Can anyone help out? I tried a cheap tube cutter from ebay but it seems to be about 3mm thick and I cannot cut without breaking.... can offer something for your time...Thanks
  4. Haze Mister

    The Cranberry Reclaim :)

    A quick search doesn't bring this up so here it is, a neat technique to reclaim oil that's condensed inside your bubbler without using heat or solvents... I just filled my oily bubbler to the brim with cheap cranberry juice and let it sit overnight. (I had already been using the bubbler with...
  5. Haze Mister

    Design Fails

    Cannabis vaping gear designed by people who don't actually vape cannabis...or are just seriously deficient in the conceptualization / design department. Please post your favourite design fails here. Kickstarting the thread with this beauty:
  6. Haze Mister

    Can I fix my Vapeman Steam Engine mod?

    I picked this up on the cheap from a chinese site mentioned here and I got unlucky. Apparently the first production run of the Steam Engine had a common fault in which the cable driving the display would come off... My Steam Engine works to fire my sub-ohm tank but the screen is dead so I...
  7. Haze Mister

    Silicone adapters for titanium on glass connections?

    So, I just got that nice D020 rig and got sucked into oil rig work :ko: I want to use a domeless titanium oil pan directly on the female joint of the bong so as to avoid using the male to male adapter which just sticks out too much for my tastes. The thing is that apparently titanium stuff can...
  8. Haze Mister

    Atmos Kiln or... ?

    Hello vapers. I want to get myself a decent portable vape for wax. I already have a couple of box mods (Innokin Coolfire 4 and eleaf Istick power nano) so I don't need to spend money on a full kit, just a head. In the UK the Atmos Kiln seems to be the best one available (ebay) and I don't want...
  9. Haze Mister

    Any wooden body vapes in the EU?

    I'm into direct draw vaping which means I'm always holding the vaporizer, and my Arizer EX-Q is not ideal for this. I'd like a wooden body vape like the Epic Vape models, and I wonder if I can buy one in the EU? I'd like to avoid import taxes and having to use a 110V to 220V transformer...
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