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  1. TeeJay1952

    Free Talk to text on your phone.

    If in a message or text mode, click microphone for talk to text. Address email to you, use talk to text. Send mail receive it and cut and paste (highlight, right click copy, put cursor somewhere and paste.) So much more accurate than Dragon Dictate, So much easier than typing. I spoke this.
  2. TeeJay1952

    Low temp vs High

    Query: Lower temp reasons Theory: Total consumption If vaping allows more of the good stuff to be absorbed because so much space was taken up by burning materials, then it follows that if we inhale at lower temp the THC is vaped and decarboxylation converts THC-A to THC that following...
  3. TeeJay1952

    78 year young

    My Aunt just made the call. Her knees hurt. She can't sleep. Is there any help (relief) for her? She saw enough TV to ask about medibles. Should be interesting.
  4. TeeJay1952

    Vape Intolerance

    I live in a med legal state. I have witnessed the proliferation of grow stores from 1 in the state to one every 10 miles. Now in the Mom & Pop storefronts I am seeing vape shops. Yesterday I went in pursuit of knowledge as far as wax pens go. 4 stores declined to talk to me after learning I was...
  5. TeeJay1952

    Bongs vs Low & Slow

    I am curious about the fascination of water tools (bongs) with vaporizing. I can see how the bong lets you cool (dissipate) vapor but if there is more vapor in your lungs ...and then you exhale it (painting the air with your meds) you lose the possibility of medication from the cloud. I much...
  6. TeeJay1952

    My History of Vaping

    In the late 70's early 80's I played around with a cookie tin with electronics (on off switch) inside. There was a baby food jar on the top with a car cigarette lighter within. The idea was push button till wisps of smoke, stop the on , unscrew jar and inhale goodness. Pain in the ass but it was...
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