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  1. sessnet

    10 or more vape club?

    I just re-realized I am a bit obsessed with vaporizers. I also realized I am nearing 10 legitimate quality vapes (not fakes or home-made). I have an Ubie not listed in my signature, but haven't used it yet. Some people might say the Ubie is hardly a vape, but it is what it is. I've been using...
  2. sessnet


    Howdy Folks! Here is a really nice ThermoVape T1, with just about all the options they had, up until a couple months ago. Only $275 OBO! I stopped using my Thermovape, but I must say, this is the cleanest and BEST tasting vaporizer I have used. If you love flowers - and want the best taste -...
  3. sessnet

    Volcano...the real one!

    Saw this story, about people using a volcano to cook food. Give anyone any ideas? :brow:
  4. sessnet

    Why the lungs?

    I have a hard time understanding this. Why do we need our lungs for the vapor? What is so special about the lungs that it delivers stuff differently than anywhere else? If I hold the vapor in my mouth only, it's still hitting the inside of my, why lungs? What about oil in the...
  5. sessnet

    Most Vaporized People (MVPs) ?

    Who do you think are the top ten people, who have owned/tried the most Vaporizers on fuck combustion? Can you even think of ten? Vape hoarders and extreme cases of VAS count :)
  6. sessnet

    Official 420 Thread

    Is there not one already? What the heck!!! Let's celebrate all things 420!!! Wooo hoooo!!!!! PS. The poll is good for 420 days :p
  7. sessnet

    New Jersey "First Permit for Pot Given in New Jersey" :rockon:
  8. sessnet

    Mold and or ammonia smell

    Somehow over time, some of my pressed stuff built up mold, and/or an ammonia smell. I tried one thing a few weeks ago, gave me a throat infection and got me sick for a week :doh: I still see it as money spent and wonder - can I reclaim it somehow? Or, there is no hope and chance in hell -...
  9. sessnet

    Twilight stoner Poor girl...nobody has introduced her to a vaporizer :/
  10. sessnet


    After a couple of days now, I like this new forum about 2.7633 times better than the old one. That is about 276.33% better, to me. Old one: Simple, fast New one: Professional, more things to interact with. The small glitches/problems I did have, don't bother me much anymore! Thanks FC...
  11. sessnet

    Body's "Marijuana" May Be Key to Diet Pill

    LINK A dreamy diet pill that someday allows people to eat as much as they want without gaining weight seems possible, based on new research into certain brain chemicals that influence how quickly we burn fat. Scientists used lab mice to turn down brain levels of endocannabinoids, chemicals...
  12. sessnet


    Not really, I love it!I love fuckcom and always will. However, one big thing that is bothering me - is the dark color text on dark color background. I might have better than 20/20 vision (for now), but the contrast of the text and background is rough on my eyes, and makes me feel like I'm...
  13. sessnet

    Eating Wasabi Roasted Peanuts to combat ABV taste?

    I wanted to post this epiphany I had on Monday night: I was vaping from the Solo, and all of a sudden my girlfriend shoves a Wasabi Roasted Peanut in my mouth. Not letting that interfere with my vaping session, I kept hitting the Solo, while still chewing the peanut... Then all of a sudden...
  14. sessnet

    Does paypal support Vaporizer companies?

    I am having a problem with one company I bought a vape from, via a PayPal checkout on their store. I don't want the vape, it's brand new - I want to send it back and get a refund. Now they are giving me a hard time and don't want to refund me, so I opened a claim with PayPal. I hope something...
  15. sessnet

    Gear Store your concentrate?

    Questions: 1. What is the best thing I can buy in the real world (not internet, need it immediately) to store concentrates? Assume it's either Hash or Oil, and a small amount about 5 grams. 2. Does anyone know what the potency drop off is? Like 1 week - half as potent etc? 3. Is there...
  16. sessnet

    Discontinued ThermoVape Revolution for concentrates

  17. sessnet

    FC down or server troubles??? - or just me :/

    About half(!) the time I tried to click on any page/post on FC this morning - I got a 500 error. The other half it seemed pretty slow. Maybe it's just me? Hopefully it stops happening.
  18. sessnet

    Suggest-a-Pipe for reclaiming resin

    I am going to buy a Water Pipe Adaptor for my MFLB. After doing a tiny bit of research (this thread), I realized I might be able to capture some vaped resin/oil in pipes. I was going to buy a huge downstem, but I realized that gravity might pull precious stuff into the water, where it might be...
  19. sessnet

    Quick!!! Which Portable should I buy?

    Allright, It's been 8 days since I ordered my MFLB - It probably won't be here til Monday (too late). I give up - going to amazon to get a different vape. I want it delivered tomorrow, so I can finally stop smoking this weekend! Trying to stay under $150. Not digging the iolite's looks. Did I...
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