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    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    Dang, that's smart :science: No worries of losing that little piece on-the-go. Thanks darkrom :wave:
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    Strains for getting in the mood

    I think you are on the money with sativa dominant strains :) But if you only tried 4 strains don't really worry about it, go try some more! Eventually you will develop a taste and have a strain for every occasion :razz::ko:.
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    Crafty/Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel

    I couldn't resist this weekend.....Pulled the triggah. After trying practically every portable out there, this is the one i like the most so far.. What i do like: - It gets you medicated. Like, really medicated. No other portable ever got me this high. - The vapor is cool. The cooling unit is...
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    Discontinued The Hammer Vaporizer

    This thing is probably the best vape you can get for 100 dollars if you don't want any batteries and stealth is not an issue. I have had mine for about a month now, of which it has been unemployed for a week, because i undergone the same as $unnyblaq. I broke the first stem within 1 hour of...
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    The Grasshopper

    Yeah, imagine that :D
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    Considering my first portable vape

    I just wanted to say that i personally enjoy my original Davinci vaporizer a LOT more than my Arizer Solo. The fact that it has a bigger bowl, a much less restricted airflow and that it can be used while charging makes this my favorite vaporizer. A lot of people here like the Solo more, but i...
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    Lately i have began liking the Flashvape a lot more than i used to. At first i didn't use it a lot for months. I didn't like the form factor a lot either. For me it was an occasional vape. But the more i used it, the more i began to like it. There is a reason for the design. It feels amazing...
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    The eMode by Joyetech

    I think the charging indicator will be really annoying on this thing. Especially in dark places. Edit: Nevermind, i don't think its on constantly :ko:
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    Davinci by Karma

    Vapodule - How do you use the hash in the can, and what are the temps you use?
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    Discontinued ThermoVape

    That was really all i needed to know. It took me a while to get it right..But now i get great, satisfying hits. I screwed up some weed and batteries. I thought it would be kind of like the MFLB, just wait a little longer. But with this thing you really need to heat the core first. As always...
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    Discontinued ThermoVape

    I picked up a T1 yesterday. I always thought it was quite bulky but it is smaller than i imagined. Thought it would be a nice one hitter to throw in your pocket. So far i have not been getting very satisfying results though. I never really have a lot of vapor on exhaling, but the vape feels...
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    Iolite vaporiser

    Thanks for the heads up! :peace:
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    Iolite vaporiser

    I just noticed that this thread is called "Iolite vaporiser"
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    Vaporizers In Popular Culture - Movies, Television, Celebrities

    Trademark da Skydiver is a fan of the Persei I think he says this in the first sentence of the 2nd verse: "Mixin hash with the wax battery packed Persei. Push the blue button and inhale, now i'm super high"
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    Cool music to vape to, you know the tunes that move you

    Hey satyrday, I just watched that "searching for sugarman" documentary last week! Pretty awesome..If you haven't seen it yet i can recommend it. I don't want to leave without leaving a song on this thread, so here you go
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    Discontinued Indica Vaporizer

    I mostly use my DaVinci at 185 degrees and i get very medicated. It goes higher than the Pinnacle with it's 195 degrees. 2 degrees is already a notable difference in vapor, and who knows how accurate the temps are. The actual temps may be higher. For those who like +200 degrees this might be a...
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    Obscure and Obsolete Vapes

    These are the type of "vaporizers" that give vaping a bad name IMO.
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    Discontinued Indica Vaporizer

    I actually like the temp settings on this vape. I am already seeing people looking at me weird thinking i am crazy for sucking on a zippo all the time.
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