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  1. Caligula

    the Michael Brown thread

    Thats a terrible example for multiple reasons. That said, we can see lies on both sides in that case. Without gettign too detailed as to which lies were more egregious (as we both know how that will play out), how exactly does this invalidate my original point regarding the credibility of gang...
  2. Caligula

    the Michael Brown thread

    Citing outlier cases in no way denotes "all the time". I'm sure if I look enough I can find stories of gang members acting like upstanding citizens. Doesn't change the statistics. To insinuate otherwise is a very big tell regarding bias here.
  3. Caligula

    the Michael Brown thread

    I'm not saying one side is true or not. I'm pointing out the (what should be) obvious irony in taking a gang members word on something, especially if the opposite would incriminate himself and or his friends. As for the media, they picked up the story from official police posting. Saying the...
  4. Caligula

    the Michael Brown thread

    I'm sorry, I must have missed it. Exactly where in any of those articles and memes do they prove that the "gang truce" is a non-violent endeavor, like you suggest in your opening comment?
  5. Caligula

    the Michael Brown thread

    To that point, the argument is that a lot of 2nd amendment supporters are also military and LE personnel, thus an executive order to breach said constitutional amendment would be met with resistance from within as well as from the main civilian population. The argument also speaks to the thought...
  6. Caligula

    the Michael Brown thread

    And people still claim Humans aren't animals.
  7. Caligula

    Roots & Culture - Dub - Reggae & beyond...SELECTA ! ! !

    Someone needs to post up a slang dictionary for some of these terms.
  8. Caligula


    He didn't put "rig" in the description however Google shows exactly what it is if you bother searching for what he wrote. Regardless, I'll try to deny but this can be avoided in the future
  9. Caligula


    I just had PayPal request detailed information on a recent transaction because the buyer detailed that he was buying a glass rig in the notes. This apparently breaks the TOS of paypal and I may now lose my account. This as been a public service announcement.
  10. Caligula

    E-Nano from Epickai

    Every day my friend.
  11. Caligula

    E-Nano from Epickai

    Anything new going on in e nano land? New products I should know about?
  12. Caligula

    Recent Acquisitions - Post Your New Pieces Here

    Titanium? You heathen!
  13. Caligula

    Check your PM and KIK

    Check your PM and KIK
  14. Caligula

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

  15. Caligula

    *SOLD!* Complete E-Nail starter kit!

    SOLD! Hello all, I have up for grabs today a Nectar Nail e-nail + accessories! The Nectar Nail is a quality piece, with a precision PID that won't overshoot temps (meaning it wont blow coils early) and is very accurate (as measured with my thermal probe). The sensitive electronics are housed...
  16. Caligula

    Indiana's Anti-Gay Law Brings to Life the First Church of Cannabis

    Im just going to leave that one alone and walk away.
  17. Caligula

    Positive Feedback

    Take good care of her and enjoy! Seller: Me Buyers @Superfecta Item : EFS incycler Cost : My loss is his gain :( Rating : 5/5 Comments : No issues, would sell to or buy from again.
  18. Caligula

    Errlectric Concentration Station

    Been following them on IG for a while now. Nice to see someone actually use this thing and report back. In for battery powered enail.
  19. Caligula

    JyARz Storage Containers

    Mason jars make great ABV containers.
  20. Caligula

    JyARz Storage Containers

    Well that's interesting. Did Aldo change the gaskets a 3rd time?
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