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  1. onesixty2

    Old Head Dab-Ready and Terp Hammer

    Yeah that’s nice! Still satisfied with the smaller version I grabbed a factory second of.
  2. onesixty2

    Zeal and Ω 425f on DC pid, wireless Omega w/ pink fume Influx. DFreeze handle. Looks pretty dark to me!
  3. onesixty2

    Zeal and Ω

    Less than five minutes. It’s always ready to go. And no wispy hits. You are killing your thermal load by heat soaking. Also frankly, are you here to get advice on using it in wireless? Try out what I’m saying instead of just disagreeing. You aren’t using Ch equipment anymore.
  4. onesixty2

    Zeal and Ω

    I hadn't even considered that as a thing TBH but yeah, it would absolutely suck the heat out of the head and leave you with a sub-optimal hit when you eventually get to it..
  5. onesixty2

    Zeal and Ω

    Well, for me I'm at a loss for how your experience differs so much. I have seen basically no difference going from wired to wireless at the same temperatures. But, there might be a few reasons for this in how we approach vaping in general.. First off, what PID are you using, your temperature...
  6. onesixty2

    TinyMight / TM 2

    This is a late reply, but just to reiterate the absolutely obvious advice: 9 is a ridiculous high mark. This is user error, 100%, sorry bud. I see you posted after the fact, hope you're enjoying it more.
  7. onesixty2

    Zeal and Ω

    Honestly since getting myself setup with a wireless omega rig, I don’t see any downside. It just delivers consistently good results. I have my other ball heads boxed up, even for flavor I’m finding very flavorful first hits so long as I don’t fully roast it. Taking a half hit on the first draw...
  8. onesixty2

    OLD MATE (formerly Medgrind)

    Yep, can't help but get a watch everytime this comes up..
  9. onesixty2


    I’m not sure I understand what’s happening here? Is this just a wpa with a friction fit screen placement? What’s the purpose of that and how is it kept in place? My only other experience with a friction screen was the absolutely worst injector experience with the thing falling out every other bowl…
  10. onesixty2

    The Flower Kettle by Custom Flower Hardware

    I like to see stuff like this and your breakdown of the head construction sounds cool. Keep on it man, great work.
  11. onesixty2

    Phase3 Vaporizers

    Since I posted the last update.. feel obligated to post the latest update: another week Mods if possible / needed please merge the two posts.
  12. onesixty2

    Looking to find a solid grinder that lasts.

    Can personally vouch for both OMD and BCG factory second Large coarse plate. I've owned my OMD for awhile and it has gone through a lot of flower and cleaning. BCG just arrived this past week, and looks incredibly special with its gemcut top/bottom, and color. Can't say which I prefer more, but...
  13. onesixty2

    Phase3 Vaporizers this I believe is what is being referred to. To my understanding it’s not him saying he’s done, just taking a bit of a leave. I would think we get another update this week for all the pending orders. the long and short is, he went...
  14. onesixty2

    Cloud Connoisseur Glass

    Can definitely say.. whenever it's a CC delivery day I am not productive after speaking with the mailman.
  15. onesixty2

    Zeal and Ω

    My Zirc zeal lives around 360, I’ve combusted at 420..!
  16. onesixty2


    I usually just unplug the log and leave the controller connected now that you mention it.
  17. onesixty2


    The Bocote is incredible, I would buy it immediately if I didn't already have my Tuya Burl.
  18. onesixty2

    Mood Mat Thread

    grabbed one of these. it looks so good!
  19. onesixty2

    Zeal and Ω

    For now iDB just has coils in kits but later plans for stock to be available he mentioned. For wireless, check last posts for my photos. I’m using my 20mm 710 coil stretched (mangled) by myself.
  20. onesixty2

    Cloud Connoisseur Glass use mine on everything, the fitting on the vertex / other dewar joints is excellent
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