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  1. Monk Debate

    Completed SOLD - Timber Elite with roasting tubes

    Hi everyone! I’m selling my Timber Elite with three roasting tubes by Alan from iHeat (the heater in the Timber is also designed by Alan). This is a beautiful two tone model with a DNA board built into the body. It runs off one 18650 (not included). Two of the roasting tubes are designed to take...
  2. Monk Debate

    The "Stunner"

    Get the Stunner/carbon fiber stem combo and the only additional thing you need is a torch. Or were you looking for more parts?
  3. Monk Debate

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    For what it’s worth I found the small connector too difficult to use while heating, which the long connector alleviates. Personally I prefer the Quartz Cap all around, the 14 is easily one of the hardest hitting vapes I have with that conduction bias but retains all the flavor I get from good...
  4. Monk Debate

    EVOLV Cricket

    Very small dab size, preheat at 190, cap on and do a five second heat up to 535. I do an extremely light and gentle inhale for a DTL hit. I get nice thick clouds this way and I still don’t know how the Cricket keeps the vapor so cool coming out of such a short air path. It’s like magic.
  5. Monk Debate

    EVOLV Cricket

    That hasn’t been my experience at all. I just got some fresh rosin and used the tiniest little amount and it sent me to space. I don’t even think about other concentrate vapes anymore.
  6. Monk Debate

    The "Stunner"

    The carbon fiber stem is a solid choice as it can take two full Stunner bowls back to back and while it will be warm to the touch, it won’t be too hot to hold. Some stems I’ve tried with the Stunner fail this test completely. Of course, I don’t often need to do two bowls because the Stunner hits...
  7. Monk Debate

    Hookahhead_MD Custom glass vape accessories

    I love the look of these and am super curious to try one for the Fusion.
  8. Monk Debate

    Dani Fusion by Battery-free Ganz

    I’ve heard good things about the Honest ones. I got mine at a local tobacco shop many years ago and it’s functional but not awesome.
  9. Monk Debate

    Dani Fusion by Battery-free Ganz

    Used the Fusion last night, and I love it! The machining and sleeve and overall feel are a cut above the v3 and once I set the airflow to my liking it was extremely easy to get tasty, thick clouds. I used a triple torch below the second silver ring until click then moved the flame to the top of...
  10. Monk Debate

    The J-hook thread!

    Also had a U-hook available, which I snagged.
  11. Monk Debate

    The "Stunner"

    Do those 3/8” screens also fit the Dani bowls?
  12. Monk Debate

    The "Stunner"

    I did combust once. I did a very nice initial heat cycle and felt like there was more to get so I used the torch on it again but forgot to only reheat for 3-5 seconds. If I had kept it in the 3-5 seconds range it would have been totally fine.
  13. Monk Debate

    The "Stunner"

    I have been loving the Stunner. I have been using the ruby cap the most, heating it with a Blazer at the top section of the cap until the flame turns orange. Then it’s just MTL puffs until the vapor stops billowing on my exhales and the bowl is evenly and completely extracted. No second heat...
  14. Monk Debate


    Any reputable sites sell a low THCa strain that isn’t also high CBD?
  15. Monk Debate

    Dani Fusion by Battery-free Ganz

    I couldn’t pass this deal up: It’s the Fusion with shorty wood stem AND a long wood stem without carb. The Fusion with the shorty stem as a regular item goes for $140, the long wood stem is $55. This is both for $140. Guess I’ll be comparing...
  16. Monk Debate

    The Dani by Battery-free Ganz

    Wesley Pipes and More running some nice Dani deals right now.
  17. Monk Debate

    Wich portable vaporizers for quick short draws, more like a smoking experience ?

    The Stunner is great for MTL, and has excellent taste for a non-glass vape. For maximum flavor I’d go with the Terpcicle from TRWW with a cooling stem which also rewards MTL vaping. Neither of those will support sessions as long as a Pax or Mighty because they are on demand and can soak up a...
  18. Monk Debate

    Cloud Connoisseur Glass

  19. Monk Debate

    The Toad from Morwood

    Yeah, had to put my name in for the abstract green and mushrooms. Fingers crossed!
  20. Monk Debate

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    I got in my long Terpcicle as well, much easier to use than the small one. I think I might slightly prefer this over the Quartz Cap, but honestly both are top tier.
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