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  1. Robert-in-YEG

    Can cannabis cause itching?

    For me, large doses of cannabis has at times, have caused itching. Some strains seem to cause more itching than others. If it is a passing itch that goes away after a few hours, or even a day, it is likely just an annoying itch. Drinking more water, or taking a bath often helps. If the itch...
  2. Robert-in-YEG

    What's in your vape right now?

    Jean Guy in the Tera v3. I was never a big sativa fan, but this I like. It gives a good lift, minimal sedation, and little anxiety. Jean Guy pairs great with tea or coffee for a great wake and bake. The taste is funky; I don't like the taste. While the taste isn't great. it is bearable. Being...
  3. Robert-in-YEG

    Sativa lovers

    Today it is Allen Wrench in the Flowermate Not impressed with this flower so far. Doesn't seem very strong. The taste is OK, but I don't feel anything. Very disappointed in this weed. Robert-in-YEG...
  4. Robert-in-YEG

    Sativa lovers

    Doing a sativa this morning with a Canadian lineage and a French Name. This one is called Jean Guy The taste is woody and earthy. I cannot say I like the taste or the smell, but it's not offensive. This gives an...
  5. Robert-in-YEG

    Arizer Solo II

    The Solo II was one of my first vapes, and in the process of getting to know it, I went through a period where I didn't the unit. I found hard to drink, like thick milkshake through thin straw, it didn't produce good vapour, and it is such a small oven. A few years later, I am on my second Solo...
  6. Robert-in-YEG

    Off-notes in cannabis

    It happens...... Robert-in-YEG
  7. Robert-in-YEG


    Cost or no cost, the magnets are insufficient. That aside, the Fog Pro is a lovely vape. I'm using it right now:) At medium/low temps, the Fog Pro is great at preserving the taste of good flower. Robert-in-YEG
  8. Robert-in-YEG


    I have both. The Fog Pro cooks flower faster and more efficiently than the Tera. The Fog Pro also lasts longer with one battery, than the Tera does with two. In my opinion, the Fog Pro is vastly underrated. The Fog Pro does have some challenges however when it comes to very resinous flower...
  9. Robert-in-YEG


    Always a good idea. When in doubt, give it a stir. When not in doubt, a stir will do no harm. I can remember a few times where an unplanned or unexpected stir, ended up producing wonderful surprises. Robert-in-YEG
  10. Robert-in-YEG


    The Fog Pro is great with low temps. Common for me is to start at 348F, take puffs for a minute or two, jump to 380ish do a few minutes then, and then use that 60-90 seconds at 428F. My vape's session is set to 9 minutes. For extended effects, I will give the contents a stir, and restart the...
  11. Robert-in-YEG


    I will
  12. Robert-in-YEG


    I have to agree. In the past months, the Fog Pro sat idle because I was doing everything through the bong. Prior to a few days ago, I cannot recall ever hooking the Fog Pro to the bong: I dislike rubber whips. That was a mistake. Connected to a bong, this is the best performing vape that I...
  13. Robert-in-YEG

    What's in your vape right now?

    This afternoon it's Zack's Cake using the Fog Pro attached to the bong. This is one session flower if done right. Zack's Cake is an exclusive hybrid strain, with this particular growing clocking in some incredible stats, including a record 30% THC for this strain, which usually tops out at 24%...
  14. Robert-in-YEG

    XVape Fog Pro v XMax V3Pro

    WOW! Not many singing the praises of the Fog Pro. I've never liked rubber whips, and haven't used one since the ceramic WPA for the Starry v3 was released. Having rediscovered the Fog Pro, I had to give it a try. Having attached the bong to the Fog Pro, it was packed with Gosh, and consumed at...
  15. Robert-in-YEG

    What's in your vape right now?

    Cold Creek Kush Marijuana Strain Cold Creek Kush, not to be confused with “Coal Creek Kush,” is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the powerful MK Ultra X Chemdawg 91 strains. With a super powerful 15-22% average THC level and super relaxing effects...
  16. Robert-in-YEG

    High capacity portable?

    I'm sitting here using the Fog Pro. In terms of capacity, I suspect that the Pro has the largest chamber of all the vapes in my collection. For filling my vapes I use a 1/4 (125ml) teaspoon measure that I stole from the kitchen. It gives a fixed dose and the size seems to be right for most of...
  17. Robert-in-YEG


    Normally I would post this in 'What's in your vape' or 'Sativa lovers', but the 'Fog Pro' doesn't get much love, some beautiful flower arrived, the smell was lovely, so it is Fog Pro time. The aroma when I opened the...
  18. Robert-in-YEG

    XMAX Starry 4, Portable Vaporizer

    Hopefully they used proper magnets. The Fog Pro is/was a lovely vape. I find it visually attractive. It has a huge bowl. It sits nicely in the hand, and has a fairly solid feel, but all that is ruined by magnets so weak, it requires using a finger or rubber band to keep the top on. The second...
  19. Robert-in-YEG

    FlowerMate Vapormax V/V5.0/V5.0S/V5 Pro

    My time is split between conduction and convection. I'll do a session on a conduction vape, followed up by a session on a conduction vape. The two together, with their slightly different effects, makes for an excellent buzz. The Flowermate preserves the flavour better than my other conduction...
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