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    How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

    Smoke tastes so bad now and for example a full gram joint doesn't get me as stoned as a quarter gram vaped.
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    Cannabis News

    Just take care of yourself and do cardio a few times a week, it will definitely help you out more than not and the hardest part of cardio is starting. Get a pair of running shoes so you don't hurt yourself, vape a bowl, put on some good tunes in the ear buds and go for a little run around the...
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Man purse!?!? THIS IS A SATCHEL! ;)
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    I feel like if you are just going to set a temp and forget it the CH pid is better than the Auber because you can get it on a smart plug, but if that isnt something you plan on doing the Auber will probably be a better choice.
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    Mixing vaporization and edibles.

    Be careful I was doing this pretty hard daily for a couple weeks and it absolutely destroyed my tolerance. Was eating about 150-200mg and vaping a half a gram a every night lol. Vaping just made me feel medium not high after like a week. Ive been limiting my consumption and no edibles for a...
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    What is your favorite dry herb vaporizer

    Mine is definitely the flowerpot b0, it's a desktop vape that really packs a punch if you aren't familiar. 👍
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    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    I know it's not a volcano or baller but I busted the eq out last night after using the flowerpot for many many months and I gotta say this thing still rips. Elbow packing at 465f with the whip which I almost never use I had great results. I ground up 0.80g and vaped it over the course of about...
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    Has anyone ever gotten a tender/scratchy throat from an edible?

    Could be youre starting to come down with an illness. Hopefully not! rsv the flu and COVID all suck and are definitely going around. I've had all three (oof) and scratchy throat was one of the first things I noticed.
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Yeah it's a bit awkward but the dental brushes can bend a bit and will clean it out well enough 👍 I've also noticed those two spots don't need to be wiped down as often as the rest of the vape
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Get some GUM dental brushes, the wide ones. I stick it in and swirl it around then take it out and wipe the brush off with iso and a paper towel then I swirl it around again with a small amount of iso on the dental brush then when I'm done I just blow in it quick to evaporate any ISO left inside...
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    Pax - All Models

    Correct. It just kinda makes the weed brown but doesn't really produce much if any vapor lol. I I'll hit up pax and see if they will do a rma. It's a legit pax 3 I registered it with them when I first purchased it. I'm going to contact them for a rma. Thanks guys and gals.
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    Pax - All Models

    I've probably tried 10 different strains from it since I first got it. I wasted a lot of weed in it when I first got it. Like I said all my other vapes work great, so I know it's not my flower, which is definitely high quality. I'm just done wasting my weed trying to get it to work. If it was...
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    Pax - All Models

    Yeah so I tried again, full charge, packed tight tight tight.... Barely works. There's no way it's user error lol... I feel like people are lying when they say theirs works well I just can't ever see it. Maybe mines not working properly but I'm over this thing. I wouldn't give it to my worse enemy.
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    How do they perform?
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    Pax - All Models

    :/ I'll try again in a little bit and let you know how it goes. 🤞 I want to like it so bad.
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    Pax - All Models

    Hey guys so here's my deal, I got a pax 3 a few years ago and was just never happy with it. I tried all the tricks, fine grind tight pack etc and it's just always been an absolutely awful experience I don't think has got me medicated once. I realized my mistake pretty quick and did some...
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    Macro shots of vaped cannabis with different devices.

    The vaped weed looks nasty that close lol 😂 cool to see the trichs after
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    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    Nice rip I just took out the tube with the b0, cheers.
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Everyone out here wondering when their air bubbles gonna arrive and I'm just sitting here without an order waiting to see if they perform well first lol
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