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    Vaping frequency

    Evenings and weekends, 3-4 grams a week. I usually wait a couple hours between bowls, when I go more than that my tolerance goes up pretty quick.
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    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    I love my OG but I haven't tried the maxx or runt. Straight intake is great for me, got it going after a bowls. or two. Like coolbreeze said, you just need to adjust the angle of the flame until you hear the whistle. Hits are cool and big. I keep the restrictor disk in mine.
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    Arizer Air MAX

    Just ordered from Arizer and they've got a 30% off sale going on. I've mostly been using a brick for the last 6 months or so and wanted a session vape with good flavour. I'll probably pick up some dented stems but will start with the stock ones. I grabbed a longer stem and a curved one from...
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    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    I use Colibri too
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    Healthy Rips Rogue

    I leave it in. I don't have any issues with airflow and the screen still filters and needs to be changed when it gets clogged.
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