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    E-Nano from Epickai

    For anyone used the @Ed's TnT nano stem, what’s the fit like on the OG nano? I really like the way that the original glass stems lock into place.
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    E-Nano XL from Epicvape

    If the main objective is to save money, you should also consider the regular Nano. All log vapes (including the Nano XL) are very efficient because they are true convection and are only making vapor when you are inhaling. The regular Nano will just work a little better with a smaller pack...
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    E-Nano XL from Epicvape

    Does @VaPeD&CoNfUsEd make direct draw stems that don’t wobble?
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    Firewood Vaporizer

    I think a lot of people were not thrilled about the proprietary batteries, myself included. I went ahead and got the 8 anyway and after months of usage, I don’t mind the battery nearly as much as the capsules. The capsules aren’t terrible but they get stuck, need time to cool down, and is make a...
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    Dynavap VapCap

    I don't see anything on Insta from DV....
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    Completed WTB: Short Dynavap Omni

    If someone has a standard (non-XL) Omni that you would be willing to part with, I would be interested. Thanks!
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    Ed's WoodScents Log Vape - Ed's TnT

    Has anyone used one yet? I think something that supports a larger load will really improve the experience with the WS but I’m curious if these “lock into place”. My DV tip was really loose when it was on my WS.
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    Firewood Vaporizer

    I am definitely enjoying my FW8. I also had the FW7 and I definitely feel like the FW8 is an improvement in terms of vapor quality and a few other aspects like the 1-piece stem and the button (that sounds weird but the button on my 7 was a little "sticky" and didn't have great tactile feedback)...
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    FW8 Capsule System

    I didn't want this to turn into a referendum on the 7 vs the 8. However, looking back at my post, I don't feel like I'm out of line. Maybe I will go ahead and post in the forum.
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    FW8 Capsule System

    I wanted to post this outside of the FW thread so it wouldn't be a distraction. I am definitely enjoying my FW8. I also had the FW7 and I definitely feel like the FW8 is an improvement in terms of vapor quality and a few other aspects like the 1-piece stem and the button (that sounds weird but...
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    Firewood Vaporizer

    For anyone that has gotten a stem fromGood Vibes Boro, does he want you to go through him on Insta or from O’Connell Woodworks?
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    Completed FW7

    With all of the FW8's on the way, if anyone has a 7 that they would like to unload, I am definitely interested. If you have one, hit me with an offer! Thanks!
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    Anvil by Vestratto

    I can confirm that it is now $25 for shipping to the US (for an integrated stem… not sure of it increases for a larger order). I made it all the way to checkout and I decided that the shipping cost was just a bridge too far for me.
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    E-Nano XL from Epicvape

    Thank you for the reply and I am glad that there is a solution. Ed is the man... @Ed's TnT
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    E-Nano XL from Epicvape

    One of the things that I really liked about the OG versus other logs was that the glass stem locked into place nicely and didn’t need to be held in place to prevent a lean. I don’t have an XL but it is my understanding that the basket screen system doesn’t lock into place very well. Does anyone...
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    VAULT SE Battery

    I just saw this but I would be interested if you are still taking volunteers.
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    Completed Distilled Glass Recycler

    This is a custom made recycler by Distilled Glass who I found on Instagram. It has great function but is just too large for my needs. $100 OBO.
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    Completed Underdog Alpha Dog Eucalyptus

    For sale is a lightly used Underdog Alpha with Eucalyptus wood. I have attached the link to the original listing below but I am the second owner. It the variable voltage power supply and the nylon direct draw stem (sorry, no other stems). It was originally $365 and I would like $265 for it...
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    Completed Fluxer Flite

    For sale is a very lightly used Fluxer Flite with batteries. It is in like new condition and these are no longer available. It does not include the charging cable as I have always removed the batteries to charge them. It has the pushbutton operation and not the "cap as switch" and pulse...
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    For Sale Zion M

    Zion M up for sale with the matching amber stem. I left it in my backpack without removing the batteries so it has a cosmetic burn mark on the wood which does not affect function. I paid $350 and these are super rare so I would like to get my money back. It is a great unit but I am fortunate...
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