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  1. R - Canada's Destination for the Best Vapes on the Planet

    Got my SCS from them for a great price and its legit and the alldressed chips were surprisingly intact in that small box will buy from again
  2. R - Canada's Destination for the Best Vapes on the Planet

    Thanks for the heads up. Ordered a grinder for a killer deal and am wigged out because of the comparative too good to be true price lol
  3. R - Canada's Destination for the Best Vapes on the Planet

    @PlanetHaze I just noiticed you're using the planethaze domain - is there any issue using the old domain or anything?
  4. R

    Discontinued herbalAire

    So I got an H3 today and mid session at higher temps i get a flashing red light - what's this mean / am i doing something wrong? Mostly hitting direct from the mouthpiece or through a small bong
  5. R

    The Magic-Flight Box

    New battries have made my launch box way better than it's ever been before. I'm so glad that solved all my problems On the grinder discussion, not sure if it's been mentioned before, but if you have a 4 piece or similar where the bud falls through to the next chamber, flip the grinder upside...
  6. R

    The Pax and MFLB: a subjective comparison

    I have a Launch Box and a Herbalaire 2.1 - I've used my friends SIlver Surfers, Extremes, DaBuddha's and lightbulb vapes - of the ones I've used, I find the HA gets the most out of the weed, and will just cook through anything even not ground. I dont like the taste as much as the surfer or...
  7. R

    The Magic-Flight Box

    Wouldn't the fact that they're pre charged (and Eneloops which I thought by and large were LSD) suggest they're LSD?
  8. R

    The Magic-Flight Box

    When I say results I also mean in regards to actual colouration of the bud in the chamber, he can blacken his, I can at best muddy brown mine. That could be technique, but I've really tried a lot at this point. Are...
  9. R

    The Magic-Flight Box

    it's gotten me high, but compared to my friends ive never had the results he's had with his
  10. R

    The Magic-Flight Box

    I bought a Launch Box about a year ago but dont use it often. I find the batteries rarely last long enough to toast an entire load - is this likely a problem with my batteries, the charger, the box, or my grind? I'm not really sure the point of failure here. I'm leaning towards batteries or...
  11. R

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    It looks like this is going to be my first "full" vape, as I just have an MFLB now, and was wondering waht kind of odours it puts off when its in use? Like, say I wanted to fill a bag, then turn it off and stash it in my drawer (the unit, not the bag), how much latent "pot smell" is going to be...
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