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    What's the difference between this and the Xmax V3 Pro exactly?
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    POTV Lobo

    That's the Airvape Legacy Pro with new dosing capsules. It has an on demand mode and holds like twice the amount of herb. I would think the Lobo is even more conduction leaning since it's predecessors are.
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    accessory price gouging, ie dose caps

    Also they are advertised as disposable by S&B. The aluminum may contribute to the infamous "Bickel tickle."
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    It's simple really. It has a short vapor path and holds more herb than all those other vapes you listed. It also has just a hint of conduction for a little added twist.
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    POTV Lobo

    With as little as we know I think this is the fairest take. Personally I think the Airvape Legacy Pro with new dosing capsules is the best accessible portable. You don't have to worry about breaking an exposed stem making it more portable than most. This new Lobo is a little cheaper though, so...
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    AirVape Legacy Pro

    I agree on the dosing caps. These should have come with the vape upon release. They are more flavorful than the old caps due to the increased capacity too.
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    Tetra P80

    Can some who uses the S&B capsule wooden stem comment on your usage case and patterns? It seems to be a portable setup for 1 or 2 hits? In my experience the doesing caps extract unevenly and the taste declines rapidly. I much prefer loading the herb directly in the heater like I do on my...
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    POTV Lobo

    This thread was just started this week... I think they plan to unveil it a week from now. Patience..
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    Pen Boundless Terp Pen Spectrum

    Glad they honored the old price for you. It seems like I caught it just as they were adding it to the site. Sounds like a nice little pen with USB-C.
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    Can anyone confirm the screen size of the current Vapman iteration? Is it the same? Looking for quality replacements.
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    BMIC x Boundless DV8 - Dry Herb vape

    Proprietary battery is not good. 18650's are better, oh well.
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    Pen Boundless Terp Pen Spectrum

    Shows for sale for me for $29.99.
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    The Lotus Vaporizer

    New favorite vape. And I have a bunch.
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    The Tempest by Mad Heaters & Phatpiggie

    Looks sick. I love my Revolve V2 and look forward to trying this. Based on the video it takes about 60 seconds in the Wand for the 2nd click. Hopefully there will be other IH's that can power it less time.
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    Camouflet Convector

    Very impressed with this vape. Easily on par with Omni tips and low temp cap for flavor. The airflow seems better too. The air is hotter than the Dyna though even through the Revolve V2. It does retain heat more than Ti but with less conduction it has similar extraction speed. Hits hard and for...
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    Discontinued Hopper io

    I still have a great hitting one in my rotation. Super flavorful and hits good. I have to charge the batteries after 1 load though.
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    Best single portable device to buy on 4/20 Sales 2023 for $200 Budget?

    If you have good hand-eye coordination, dexterity and patience go with the AVLP with dosing caps.
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    EVOLV Cricket

    How can you guys justify the $400 price when you could practically buy 8 DT Lightning Pens for the same price?
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    The J-hook thread!

    Is 18mm more popular than 14mm?
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    JCVAP "Pockety"

    I might have to grab one of those. I was moving things on my desk and tipped mine over and it smacked one of my grinders. Unfortunately the internal part broke inside the stock bubbler.
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