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    You cant trust concentrates these days This is the original posting for my medicine cabinet. You can see it clearly, here. I have since added a charcoal filter can to the outlet at the top when the plant goes to flower to remove any smell.
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    True DIY Rosin.

    For my press, 180-200 degrees F is the perfect temperature for pressing. I have found no need to invest in an automatic regulator. I set the temperature using a simple AC variac and a $15 hand held infrared probe from Harbor Freight. Once set, it stays there all afternoon.
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    True DIY Rosin.

    Goodwill Store is my favorite place to shop. You can find so much there and get great ideas for new projects. I hit two or three of them most every week. You mention a 12% return in concentrate from your hand press. That's not bad at all. You'd likely increase that if you make a press like...
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    True DIY Rosin.

    Duplicate post
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    True DIY Rosin.

    Nice job! Where did you get the hair straightener? Here's mine.
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    You cant trust concentrates these days

    Assume you are addressing this question to me. The vapeurextract products all contain PEG, VG and PG to some degree. I found the results to be way to harsh on my throat. After much research, I decided I did not want to be inhaling any of these chemicals so I looked for an alternative. That was...
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    Are these solvents safe?

    Isopropyl alcohol is rubbing alcohol, which is poisonous to ingest. Why people continue to use it is beyond me, but they do. Ethanol at 95% is safe to use. I'd stick with that if I was you.
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    You cant trust concentrates these days

    Stay clear of using any additives with your rosin. It's all garbage and so not necessary. Why don't you consider growing your own plants, organically? It's not rocket science. Anyone can do it whether your location is legal or not. The trick is to keep it small and grow inside a cabinet or tent...
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    rosin question

    Unbleached parchment paper, like the kind I'm using, is good for 350 degrees F. I press at 180 degrees. Using the unbleached paper eliminates the chemicals used to "whiten" the bleached paper. Chemicals like dioxin, for instance. I also have a microscope and I see no paper being removed after...
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    Rosin press pressure, formula-

    If, by maximum pressure, you mean what your jack piston is capable of, then with a plate size of 4.5 sq. in the pressure will be 155.55 psi no matter the size of the puck you place in there. My little press is capable of over 4300 psi based on the size of my plates and using a 12 ton press...
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    Parchment size options and brand?

    You must use unbleached parchment paper to stay clear of chemicals leaching into your rosin. Here is a link to the paper I use. Bought it at Johann's Fabric & Craft Store for $3. There may be one near you.
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    My secret to THC E-Cig PG-Liquid... Potent, Effective, Cheap, Easy!!!

    I applaud your comments. I'm not a chemist, but I have also tried to educate readers on this forum and others to the inherent dangers of vaping these additives. Mostly, it seems to fall on deaf ears and I do not know why. "I'm not sick now so what's the big deal" seems to be the response...
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    ABV to Concentrate to THC e-liquid

    Simple method to clean up product for vaping:
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    Made rosin from good herb. Rosin doesn't get me medicated at all. Where did I go wrong?

    You can clean up your product and make it easy to vape using this simple method:
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    PEG 400 Ratios? Terp Ratios? Ejuice making

    Don't use any additional extracts or additives, you just don't need them. The final concentrate works just fine in the cheapest 510 wick-type cartridges. It has the consistency of corn syrup and just as sticky. I'm also vaping now with the Liberty 9 ceramic 510 cartridge but I still use the...
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    PEG 400 Ratios? Terp Ratios? Ejuice making

    This article may change your mind: If you'd like to find another way of doing this, read through this thread:
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    Tek Home Rosin Presses under $750 - School Me

    More information than you might care to know, but really should, can be found at this thread.
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    rosin question

    Stay away from the white parchment paper as it may contain dioxin which can leach into your product. Use the unbleached "brown" paper and you should be fine. Pressing happens at around 200 degrees F and for so short a period of time it should not be of concern.
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    You cant trust concentrates these days

    Right. Got it.
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