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  1. Rollingstoned

    Anvil by Vestratto

    I used Native for about a year, but vapor was still to strong even with XL MP. Once I got the WPA I never went back to dry hits. I am able to clear the whole bowl in 1 hit, with no coughing or irritation like native use. I tried the Revolve gen 2 and USA, but the metal sleeve gets too hot after...
  2. Rollingstoned

    Want to Buy CH Auber controller stand

    anyone looking to sell their cannabis hardware Auber stand? In the USA :peace:
  3. Rollingstoned

    Anvil by Vestratto

    Yep this is my only issue with my anvil. Also, I somehow always touch the hot oven and burn my fingers
  4. Rollingstoned

    Tetra P80

    440F is absolutely perfect. Very happy with this result, wish I knew about rotating 45 degrees, what a great result. Capsule stem is alright, much prefer the glass stem
  5. Rollingstoned

    Tetra P80

    Tried 460 and nearly combusted (glass stem with basket screen). Will try 450 and rotating the stem 45 degrees
  6. Rollingstoned

    Tetra P80

    I remember when I had my tubo and I used the capsule stem, it was the only way to get my ABV fully dark brown and not yellow bits. I could never use the basket screens because there was always light ring around my herb. I might try a dosing capsule but keep the lid off?
  7. Rollingstoned

    Tetra P80

    Beautiful ABV, what temp is that? Can you only achieve that darkness with the WPA? I have a capsule stem and it’s still fairly light at 450 F
  8. Rollingstoned

    Want to Buy CH Auber Controller metal stand

    Searching for a cannabis hardware metal stand for Auber controller
  9. Rollingstoned

    Anvil by Vestratto

    It’s just a tool for quick hot swaps!
  10. Rollingstoned

    Anvil by Vestratto Here you go ladies and gentleman, portable induction heater for Anvil :clap:
  11. Rollingstoned

    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    Yeah and now we don’t get a Hydratube, carry case or carb cap. 😂😂😂
  12. Rollingstoned

    Cannabis Hardware (formerly NewVape) FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    This is so ridiculously overpriced, 👎
  13. Rollingstoned

    Completed Taroma 2.0 kit $375

    Like new condition Taroma 2.0 kit (3mm rubies) with additional pass through glass bowl. Bowls are 14mm. Purchased this unit 2 months ago and only used about 5 times. Price is $365 PPGS + $10 shipping = $375 shipped US ONLY
  14. Rollingstoned

    Completed 18mm Sidecar Matrix

    18mm Sidecar matrix with recessed joint. Stacks very well and is surprisingly thick. Comes with bowl. Price is $55 PPGS + $10 shipping = $65 shipped
  15. Rollingstoned

    First vaporizer, Dyna or Danivape?

    Everyone failed to mention the ease of use and time of extraction. I own all three of them and frankly, you get what you pay for. I started with the Dynavap also, but the problem is it takes about 3 heat ups to fully extract the bowl, and getting it dark dark brown. With the Anvil I am able to...
  16. Rollingstoned

    The Dani by Battery-free Ganz

    I just received my Dani V3 and tried it with my Ronx and my Vertigo quad flame. Any tips for one hit full extraction, like the Anvil? The top was pretty dark brown, but the lower portion was a little lighter color. I tried going 4-5 seconds after the click. Which torch is better? Quad flame or...
  17. Rollingstoned

    Anvil by Vestratto

    Disassemble your Anvil. Remove airflow valve if you have original stem. Get a zip lock bag and fill with a little bit of %91 ISO. Heat in microwave for 8-10 seconds, remove bag from microwave, toss in the condenser and stem with spiral, shake for 10 seconds and remove and wash with hot water...
  18. Rollingstoned

    Old Head Dab-Ready and Terp Hammer

    Old head Dab-Ready, RunawayTrain. :rip:to the industry
  19. Rollingstoned

    Completed Flowerpot Shovelhead Bowl

    Hello I am looking for a titanium Shovelhead bowl for flowerpot, with or without 14mm post. :tup:
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