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  1. thesoloman

    Visiting family without a vape? :(

    Vape time
  2. thesoloman Your Friendly Vaporizer Store

    Thanks to Randy for keeping everyone happy yet again! I came here to say thanks, and let everyone know how freaking fast my new haze arrived! Ordered on the blackfriday and had my package the following monday. Anyone who is looking for a retailer that will have their back should be ordering...
  3. thesoloman

    Has there ever been studies that test what's left in a vapour-bong water after vaping?

    I have used a ammonia detection kit for fish tanks to test the vapor water before and after use. The water has higher levels of ammonia after being used. I propose that the water is absorbing some ammonia from the vapor. The amount of particulate matter would depend on the vaporizer used and...
  4. thesoloman Your Friendly Vaporizer Store

    Thanks to good old randy at puffitup, thesoloman is all set with a haze in the mail! Very excited, thank you for the awesome deals! THANKS THANKS THANKS Much love from thesoloman
  5. thesoloman Your Friendly Vaporizer Store

    Aww I Guess the second order will be coming in soon. Can't wait for all the Airzer Air goodies to come in!
  6. thesoloman

    Best Meme! Contest 4 of 4

    *edit* of course the posts above me that i didn't read before posting have the same pic:P *edit* I looked just like this guy back in early high-school, I give you Sudden Clarity Clarence
  7. thesoloman

    Tryin' To Find Best Dab Torch Lighter...

    This is spot on ! I highly recommend bed bath and beyond torch!
  8. thesoloman

    Reclaim in Alcohol >> Powerful Chocolate

    The 91% is what made me think iso.
  9. thesoloman

    Reclaim in Alcohol >> Powerful Chocolate

    I feel like he was using iso, not recommended to eat!
  10. thesoloman Your Friendly Vaporizer Store

    That was the one "vaporizer" i use that term lighly, that i wondered why puffitup would carry. When i used a buddies with herb, it deffinatly combusted. There is a coil inside that gets HOT! Maybe it would work with some oil, but i would stay away from it:2c:
  11. thesoloman

    The Arizer Air

    mod your stem.
  12. thesoloman

    how do u unclog the grid in a 4 piece grinder

    I learned this the hard way after trying to press bubble hash in a keif press lol. I tried PBW and that little sucker was compleastly destroyed. PBW and anodization is bad. For cleaning the hard to get gunk from a grinder i have always scraped it off with a sharp pointy piece of metal, think...
  13. thesoloman

    The Arizer Air

    you lucky bastard! catchup chips are so good!
  14. thesoloman

    The Arizer Air

    Hi, i recommend braking a razor blade in half so it fits in the oven, then inverting the unit and scraping the bowl, it should come out nice and shinny if done right.
  15. thesoloman

    Counterop-Still Questions

    I think this would work very well for what your doing,
  16. thesoloman

    Topicals for tooth pain?

    If the tooth pain is being caused by an exposed root, you can ghetto fill the tooth using a beeswax of some sort to give it a layer of protection, has helped me before.
  17. thesoloman

    Counterop-Still Questions

    Ethanol boils of at around 170f, your boiling mixture won't get much hotter than that. The main concern that i have with people reclaiming the solvents is solvent purity. I recommend getting an all glass distillation apparatus. It is highly recommended to stay away from all plastics when...
  18. thesoloman

    The Grasshopper

    This is the sad state that the grasshopper has left us in. We think this is an anticipation thread, when it should be a device thread, now WHERE IS THIS VAPORIZER WE WERE ALL PROMISED SO LONG AGO?
  19. thesoloman

    Gear Micron steel mesh?

    I would say use 50 mesh, and then make whatever your working with in to a solution with a liquid and run it thru a vacuum filter settup, with whatever size Whatman filter paper you desire, then evaporate the liquid of the liquid and have a nice filtered end product, without any really small...
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