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    Growing Career path

    The internet is a great resource. The more you read the more you'll learn about different techniques, and from there you can choose your own path. I'd focus on building your own small hobby setup before even considering commercial. I started going to school for plant biology, motivated by...
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    Tafée Bowle

    Looking at the lifestyle branding, and then learning about the developers' background I had a thought: Is this being marketed to appeal to women? Or maybe towards people who want to serve weed at their dinner parties?
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    One pull portable?

    ^To add to what anchovy said, if you start with especially dry bud, a loose pack, and heat just a tiny bit past the click you can have a very satisfying 1 hit in the vapcap that isn't wasteful. I usually do 2 hits just to be sure, but the first is where most of the vapor is produced.
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    Vaping in "adult life"

    I recently cut back due to work and travel. If I'm being honest I really miss having a tolerance. Now I get so anxiously high from minuscule quantities of bud, and vaping has become stress inducing rather than stress relieving. I miss the days when consuming more just made me tired. I know...
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    Frenchy Cannoli

    I press with a glass bottle full of warm water, same as Frenchy. I don't think that heat is bad for flavor, on the contrary I think it helps transform the flavor. I find with pressed hash I can break it open and the odor is intense. I'd be willing to bet that pressed resin that has been aged...
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    Frenchy Cannoli

    I've taken one of his classes. They're very informative, but the best part is being able to ask any questions you want on the spot. Everything he tells you is available online in his videos, but seeing it done in person makes the whole process much more relatable and the information is not...
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    People who attend college at an older age having doubt in themselves is something I've seen in many of my classmates, since the program I am in is designed for working adults. I'm one of the youngest in my program, and I'm a 26 y/o senior. The sad thing is these older students are often the...
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    Does rosin provide the full entourage effect of flower

    I don't have a ton of experience with rosin, but the rosin I've pressed has only retained the essence of the flower when done at a low temperature. When I've gone too hot the volatile terpenes are lost. That said, I think the best concentrate for retaining the taste and effect of flower is dry...
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    The Way of Cannabis

    I think the analogy to the tea ceremomy is very apt. That said, I think vaporizer users are more at the mercy of the tool they're using. Where tea can be made with just a pot, I find vaporzing cannabis needs very specific tools, which can greatly alter the experience. There is a huge...
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    WTS Tubo x Water pipe Combo

    Hi Everybody! I'm selling my Left Coast bong with Tubo x, Evic mod (with updated firmware installed) and a few mouthpieces. All parts will be thoroughly cleaned before sending. I've probably run 10 bowls through it. Honestly it's too much for me to handle. I'm a microdoser, so my Underdog...
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    Bubble Hash making Tips

    How does using a washer cause a "giant mess"? If you let the vegetable matter saturate it doesn't break down nearly as easily. Frenchy gets good quality and yields from this method
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    Bubble Hash making Tips

    My plan was to go with 220, 160, 73, and 25, all mesh. Im sure it would work without the 160, but i want to maximize the quality of the 73. Its just personal not commercial, so I'm not pressed for time.
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    What does your Cannabis-friendly doctor think (legal regions only)?

    My neurologist said that any regular intoxication has potential to cause brain damage, but when used consistently and with a tolerance the effects on memory and cognitive abilities is negligible, as is the intoxication. My other doctor, who specializes in cannabis reiterated this, and said...
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    Does it bother you when people refer to Vaporizing as Smoking?

    I call it smoking a lot... If I say vaping people often assume ecigs. Most people don't vape, so if I'm discussing cannabis it sometimes just makes more sense to say smoke to avoid confusion. I used to be more evangelical about my habits, trying to convince smokers to vape. I've found it...
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    She does not like me getting high

    I have certain friends who I don't enjoy being around when they are drinking or when they are smoking. It's nothing against them, but they turn into a different person. I say this as a daily cannabis user. Not saying this applies to you, but it's something to consider. I also think that...
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    Dynavap VapCap

    Lately I've been using a 2 jet torch. Definitely gives more control and consistency than the 3 jet, but the flavor suffers just a bit because of the increased heat up time. I find I prefer to give up a little flavor for a little more consistency/predictability.
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    Duff's wax pen choice

    I have had great luck with concentrates in the vapcap. The ability to heat past the click when using concentrates is great, since there is very little risk of combustion. This also means it's easier to take FAT rips on the first hit, than when using bud. I sometimes don't notice the flavor of...
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    My Other Hobby,What's Yours?

    Thanks, it's pretty close to reenactments in terms of using real gear, but like LARP in that there are hit rules, and not just acting/using blanks. Unlike regular airsoft, however, these events do not have much shooting. I got in 2 firefights the entire 9 days. Since we were a recon unit our...
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    Whith all the knowledge here..why not..

    I too prefer butane. I feel like I have my ultimate personal butane vape, but I'd love to have a portable desktop powered by butane that multiple people could use. Something with the form factor of a hookah, that you could just ignite and vape from.
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    Discontinued Zion vaporizer

    In reading the June 2017 update I see reference to "brand ambassadors". Will these individuals have their accounts marked as such, the way manufacturers and accessory makers have their accounts marked? I ask because in threads like "what vape is best for me" bias could come into play. I also...