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  1. shredder

    Possible to Decarb THC in oven for conversion to CBN ?

    I don't decarb in the oven, I use a decarb machine. Without lab testing it's impossible to say with any accuracy what if any cbn's I make, but for sleep capsules I decarb twice in my machine. They seem to work, but is it cbn? IDK
  2. shredder

    Temp at which decarb bubbles form
  3. shredder

    Temp at which decarb bubbles form

    I decarb dry except in making feco. I don't know any exact temp when making feco, but I'm sure it's a time and temperature deal. I finish on a coffee warmer at roughly 190-210°F. Sometimes it can take many hours because I'm also evaporating ethanol, and a little water. So I assume if your...
  4. shredder

    Ovens that hold a consistent temp

    While we're on the subject I found it's kinda hard to over decarb. Although you can alter the effects. For sleep capsules I run indica buds through my Nova twice in the cbd mode. And sometimes the capsules made from the buds decarbed x2 can still be too racy for good sleep. BTW l find a mid...
  5. shredder

    Ovens that hold a consistent temp

    Sounds like your a good candidate for a decarb machine. Not only do they decarb consistently they also help mitigate the smell, at least mine does. (Nova fx) Mine was expensive but now there are other more reasonable priced decarb machines.
  6. shredder

    Cannabinoids Bioavailability and food

    Hell if I know, lol. We decarb dry. I usually set out buds for a few days to dry before decarbing dry. Then we mix decarbed, and ground to powder, buds with coconut oil and lecithin. And fill size 00 gel capsules. There isn't any soak or infusing period since we eat the buds...
  7. shredder

    Cannabinoids Bioavailability and food

    I'm sure decarbing and grinding to powder would take care of any concerns. I've never heard of anyone having a problem. I use buds not leaves anyway. AFAIK buds don't have "hairs" as you describe. Do you have a link or personal experience?
  8. shredder

    Cannabinoids Bioavailability and food

    For bioavailability and oil plus lecithin work better than oil alone. No need for a lot of oil either. Our weed capsules don't have much at all. Mct and coconut oil work great for us. I don't even add oil in chocolate because of the fat in it already. For abv you might want to make a small...
  9. shredder

    High potency edibles

    I find the same thing with hash, and rosin too. Rso, feco, or distillate seem the best taste wise. But with hash or rosin you also have more terpenes. Effects vrs taste. Or just use capsules. Personally I use feco for small 20mg chocolates or chocolate bars and capsules for almost everything else.
  10. shredder

    Rosin from hashish

    Yes, you can make rosin from hash. A few of us have tried to use this rosin to fill carts, mostly unsuccessful. Including me. Good luck.
  11. shredder

    High potency edibles

    Have you tried infused chocolate yet? We use feco, and dark chocolate to fill silicone molds. Most chocolates already have lecithin in it, so we just mix the feco in the melted chocolate and fill molds. No need for oils, other than the feco. We use weed capsules the most followed by chocolates.
  12. shredder

    High potency edibles

    Sure. Actually you don't need to decarb cbd.'s%20traits%20are%20similar,can%20absorb%20more%20of%20it.
  13. shredder

    Avoiding excessive heat when cooking?

    If you use cannabis oil in recipes, like brownies, the brownie mix insulates the oil so it doesn't get hot enough under normal temps and time in the oven to destroy the thc. I've baked ( when I say I baked, I mean my wife, lol) edibles at 350°F without any noticeable degradation. Having...
  14. shredder

    Mixing vaporization and edibles.

    Maybe for you that's a starting dose. An average gram has roughly 150mg of thc. 6 tenths of that is 90mg. That would make 2 strong edibles for me. And I just do edibles and I take them daily. If I were advising someone new to edibles I'd recommend 5mg to start and go up as needed.
  15. shredder

    Any of you all make ABV RSO? I have a half pound or more and am wondering if I should water cure beforehand?

    I don't vape any more but when I did I saved the abv but apparently I was more picky with what I saved no ash, no black stuff. As it is abv oil doesn't smell or taste great. The more you can clean it up the better. I winterized the oil I made to get as much yuck out as possible. I mixed it...
  16. shredder

    Michigan cannabis

    Around me I've seen 2 oz advertised for $115 and 5 ml of distillate for $50. I can't grow my own for that.
  17. shredder

    Michigan cannabis
  18. shredder

    Mixing vaporization and edibles.

    I don't think there is a definable edible high. Your drinks were most likely a rso or isolate. And that high is different than a weed capsule or hash brownie high just like vaping the same of each would be. And like vaping, eating edibles have a lot of nuances that can't fit in a narrow...
  19. shredder

    Has anyone ever gotten a tender/scratchy throat from an edible?

    Agreed, and this is "winter crud" season. ho ho ho ahhh-choo. Highly unlikely it's from an edible.
  20. shredder

    dumb % question

    If you use 75% as a high end rosin number from premium buds then by sampling lesser quality buds lower your estimates accordingly. Whatever system you use stay consistent so the numbers are relevant to you even if they're off a little. I generally use 60 to 75% for my homegrown bud rosin. 75%...
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