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  1. darkstar72

    BFG Castle ‘unofficial thread’

    I don't know much about patent law but I get that products evolve. Log vapes have evolved, the mousetrap and wheel have evolved. If there's some infringement than I hope the legal system works. I like that new vapes are showing up and I like the lotus design so if this one approximates it than I...
  2. darkstar72

    The GTR

    I'd order some CBD flower out of Oregon. Could mix with your regular bud and / or consume multiple loads. Also play around with voltage. Draw speed and pack play an influence on combustion point.
  3. darkstar72

    Thoughts on water bong vs dry bong vs stems/stems with cooling beads?

    Yeah, note the flattened mouth end is probably preferable to the flared option.
  4. darkstar72

    Thoughts on water bong vs dry bong vs stems/stems with cooling beads?

    I prefer dry with a dimpled j-hook. I'm sensitive to heat at the back of the throat. The two for $25 dimpled hooks I got from dhgate work very well for cooling and are totally worth ordering.
  5. darkstar72

    'The Misty Log' - DIY wooden Log Vaporizer

    @brainiac beautiful work! It's great to see how your DIY log efforts have evolved. Your attention to detail is excellent. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.
  6. darkstar72

    Cannabis News

    Fingers crossed this Oklahoma special election to legalize recreational passes today. The article above hinted that full state legalization would lessen the black market influence (more white market customers). I believe this is incorrect. The reason the black market does so well is due to the...
  7. darkstar72

    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    I like @florduh's Chomsky bent since Chomsky is a genius. I get @Babylon Drifter's point that government leads to bloat and inefficiency. I think nationalizing the railroad system is a good idea though. Anyway the Ohio accident is a shame. Life is getting more complicated, polluted, resource...
  8. darkstar72

    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff

    Yeah, I doubt jail time happens for executives. There is just no political will to hold them accountable. It is our one party system which represents the business class that's the problem... as you've pointed out.
  9. darkstar72

    'The Misty Log' - DIY wooden Log Vaporizer

    Yes to the paper roasting tube. In addition to printer paper, you can use thick hemp paper that is sold as rolling paper, joint/blunt tips. These will make a short paper roasting tip/chamber when rolled up. I have attached them to the end of existing roasting tubes with silicone tubing.
  10. darkstar72

    CBD Concentrate

    My recent purchase or 8g CBD and 8g CBG flower from Horn Creek Hemp came with abonus gram of CBD kief. I am happy with my purchase as I find it is nice to mix it with a tiny bit of THC flower vs just THC flower for when I want a...
  11. darkstar72

    How did you get your vape and how do you like it?

    Assuming the question is "what is your preferred tool(s) for vaping cannabis," then I prefer my log vape with a hemp paper bowl to j-hook for cooling. Here is a picture of the setup from another post. @Necra, what is it that you are asking?
  12. darkstar72

    Camouflet Convector

    This vape sounds promising... I like the strong convection bias (curious how much is convection vs conduction), portable and small thermal mass. Seems like a great idea. If I had one I'd make a wine cork adapter to fit it on a 18mm j-hook. Drill a hole in a wine cork and tapper with sand paper...
  13. darkstar72

    'The Misty Log' - DIY wooden Log Vaporizer

    Yeah, I am a smaller dose user as well. A 3/8 heater cover HI and some butane vapes are it for me. Your reply is very informative. So many variables. Glad to read about the evolution of the log from the traditional 3/8" (9.5mm) od diam steel heater cover to the 7/16" (11mm) size. A lot more...
  14. darkstar72

    'The Misty Log' - DIY wooden Log Vaporizer

    Does this make a difference? Could a layer of 3mm ruby balls above the cartridge heater work for thermal accumulation? I know longer heat up time but it may work to store heat. What are your thoughts?
  15. darkstar72

    First Desktop: MiniVap vs Coughlog

    I have not used either but a log like an Underdog log would run you $200 and I think he ships overseas.
  16. darkstar72

    The GTR

    @Zagala seems like you have quite the collection of logs and prefer this style vape. Also sounds like if you had to pick only one it would be your 14M GTR. All good to hear. I'll have to remember to order an @Alan wooden 14F bowl when my name comes around. Thanks for the review.
  17. darkstar72

    Cannabis News

    I hear your concerns. At the end of the day lower costs and more availability will be a good thing. Consumers will do what they will. Hopefully there will be enough consumers supporting quality and quantity will presumably be available. I hope that federal legalization will allow personal grows...
  18. darkstar72

    The HI

    Yeah, smaller 1 1/2 hit loads are my preference as well. More green hits I think. Less over powering lung fulls. Just more manageable for me.
  19. darkstar72

    Thermal Accumulator by phattpiggie vs Anvil by Vestratto

    Anyone know when the next bunch of Thermal Accumulators will be released?
  20. darkstar72


    How is mini / micro dosing going with the TA? And are you using hash or flower (I know you like hash typically)? The Thermal Accumulator looks really nice to me so I'm wondering how the small dosing is going with you.
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