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  1. @MorePlenty

    About NewFC: how we got here and where we hope to go

    Welcome back, @vtac. Nice to meet you. I've heard good things.
  2. @MorePlenty

    Discontinued RBT Splinter (All Versions)

    Nope, not Les. I'm More, and a grrrl. So I need a mod?
  3. @MorePlenty

    Discontinued RBT Splinter (All Versions)

    Too dumb to use a code correctly, but I'm glad I got an order in. Huge plumbing disaster just in time to interrupt my shopping buzz. Plumber can't come for two days, so now the plumber hunt begins... I'm happy to be here. Happy there is a here to be at. It's a joy to be able to replace...
  4. @MorePlenty

    Vapefiend's Ditanium 220V (EU/UK) Giveaway

    I hear great things about Ditanium.
  5. @MorePlenty

    RBT History Contest
  6. @MorePlenty

    Discontinued RBT Milaana 1, 2, 3

    IG told me to do it.
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