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  1. notoriousLrg

    BAKx - bake all kinds

    And I got #33 and it looks like a vincent van gough!
  2. notoriousLrg

    A Innovative New Smart Cannabis Vape Dosing Technology

    @ukera usa Just let us know when your mesh carts will be consumer available, already!
  3. notoriousLrg

    Want to Buy KandyPens Crystal 1.0

    PM me....
  4. notoriousLrg

    Tetra P80

    me 2!!! Dual Santos Rosewood :brow:
  5. notoriousLrg

    Best cartridges for distillate

    I've also had good experience w the Hermes3. Great airflow, no cotton, glass, alumina ceramic are some of its pros. Only time it clogged on me was bringing it to the snow. I guess I didn't do a good enough job of keeping it from freezing. @florduh thanks for the cart farm tip. I've ordered...
  6. notoriousLrg

    Tetra P80

    @Hodge123, what type of wood is your p80 (the one displayed with the tank)?
  7. notoriousLrg

    TUBO evic/dual

    that was a drop of - with that I manually temp step from 430F/220C up to 460/238C using sneaky pete's sceptre.
  8. notoriousLrg

    TUBO evic/dual

    update ; the Linx eden concentrate pad works just as well without the basket screen. friction fit. Temps as low as 430F (w distillate anyways) are even cooler with same performance.
  9. notoriousLrg

    TUBO evic/dual

    FWIW Linx eden concentrate pads fit perfectly in an 18mm basket screen. With the wide temp range in the evic (I’ve been using 450-460 F) the flavor and vapor density produced in my opinion is excellent, and when using the unit upside down, you can feel comfortable loading enough extract for a...
  10. notoriousLrg

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer

    Also, I've found that the concentrate pad for the Linx Eden fits perfectly inside 18mm basket screens. It works well with the EQ using the shorter-ddave 18mm adapter, although with portable 18mm native vapes (tubo evic), you can load more into the pad since the vape can be held upside down.
  11. notoriousLrg

    Linx Blaze

    YMMV, but my experience with the Blaze was not what I was hoping for. I wanted it to replace my KandyPens Crystal as the Blaze seemed to have better features. But the difficulty in getting this unit to work right was not worth the hassle for me given all the other great vapes I have in my...
  12. notoriousLrg

    TUBO evic/dual

  13. notoriousLrg

    TUBO evic/dual

    not quite a hydrotube, but an 18mm female piece (sceptre from sneakypete) along w the boundless tera WPA adapter and an aftermarket hitemp oring on the wpa. It all works exceptionally well for me and is incredibly stable.
  14. notoriousLrg

    Boundless Tera

    I currently got 5 vapes in my rotation, and the only way it makes it in my rotation is if I can get the scepter to work with it, I got two scepters so I can always keep 1 clean in the rotation. So yeah, I love it. I don't use it with water. I'm a low temp vaper so the capacity of it is...
  15. notoriousLrg

    Vape Carts Health Crisis Megathread

    relative to the possibility of the solder being at issue here, do you guys think the possibility is related to the fused metal & solder coming in contact with the eliquid/oil being vaped, or let alone present in the power delivery to the atomizer? my recollection of how the ccell operates is...
  16. notoriousLrg

    Vape Carts Health Crisis Megathread

    I stopped using ccells awhile ago b/c the ceramic was too soft and brittle. I could lightly scratch it with an awl and watch the dust fly. I wonder now about the wiring on 510 devices like a ccell - specifically the wiring to the pin. I've seen this wiring be of two different colors once it...
  17. notoriousLrg

    Bag Vape Mod v1.0 for Boundless TERA dry herb vape

    Great idea that I want to try @FloridaMJ420. Do you have some tips on being able to easily switch back and forth between to bag-fill mode and inhale mode?
  18. notoriousLrg

    Linx Hermes 3 Oil Vaporizer

    I received mine yesterday. I have a lynx Ares and Zero and am happy with them so was excited to obtain this vape. But I always open up carts before use for safety reasons, so I ordered a spare. I can confirm all that was mentioned at the opening of this thread, including the horizontal shape...
  19. notoriousLrg

    Pen Boundless Technology TERP Pen

    I'm in agreement of all the positive reports of the terp pen, but anyone else have concerns of how brittle the ceramic rods are ?
  20. notoriousLrg

    TUBO evic/dual

    just wanted to share a funny but helpful accessory :whoa:
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