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    Positive Feedback

    seller: toros23 Description of item 3 x PVHES Cost: $60 Payment time: Right Away Rating out of 5: 5 Comments: Thanks alot great communication]
  2. Dr.Seuscio

    chong bong

    I realy just uploaded these pics to my new tablet and wanna c if i can post pics with this thang I would love to see other old school tubes I guess i couldnt or just dont know how sorry
  3. Dr.Seuscio

    PVHES Straight

    pm sent .....I think
  4. Dr.Seuscio

    Thick tube!

    9mm illadelph but its all logo except the ice pinch
  5. Dr.Seuscio

    Arizer Solo

    can you post a link? Do you recomend the high flow mouthpiece/whip or the wood one that looks like a cigar im not very current on this unit . At home i use a vaporbro Any sugestions? Sun thank u much mod note: Please avoid back-to-back posts, use Edit instead. Two posts merged.
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  7. Dr.Seuscio

    Arizer Solo

    is there a universal charger i can get at frys or amazon for less than the arizer brand ac dc
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