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  1. Squonk

    Important Announcement

    Hello admin, I tried to register and didn't get the email. Thanks for the new site and all of your efforts. Just a suggestion if its not too late but the name could be simply ... Thanks again for all you are doing!:tup:
  2. Squonk

    Fluxer Heaters, induction heaters for Dynavap

    Very nice setup. One thing for safety is to wear a N95 mask because breathing glass dust is real nasty for the lungs. Also protection glass for the eyes. Take care!
  3. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    The cooling stem is equipped with a concave ss screen installed near the tip of the stem. I just put cannabis inside the screen and tamp it just a little bit so that it doesn'nt fall. Then I simply put the loaded stem on top of the heater cover. You can use this setup with one hand. You just...
  4. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    Please see post #31 Sure, here are the details: I used a mini metal lathe to machine the heater cover and washer out of aluminum. The bottom of the sleeve is press fit with the washer (1/4" thick ) and the heater cover is loosely fit at the top of the sleeve). The heater cover is machined for...
  5. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    That's a great explanation ... thanks!
  6. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    I totally agree with you. I don't need the stress either ;):tup: Yes I think the stainless mesh helps to transfer the heat from the bulb to the sleeve and vice versa. The stainless mesh allows to minimize the gap between the bulb and the sleeve. Imagine that the gap between the bulb and...
  7. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    Yep. It's a fun hobby for sure. Do you intend to produce and sell your vaporizers? At first I taught about it, but I changed my mind. I prefer to keep it as a hobby.
  8. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    First WOW ... what a stunning piece you have built. Looks comfy in hand too . Good work!:tup: And to answer your questions here are the details of my vape: The body of the vape is 55mm x 110mm. The light bulb is a Noma Halogen bulb T4 JCD, 120Vac, 20 watts (Canadian Tire). The BI-PIN base is a...
  9. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I still use a 20 watts halogen bulb. With up to 20W it has enough power to cover all my need in term of temperature range. Also at maximum power the body is just slightly warm in hand. I started this project back in 2016 and I think that (knock on wood) this is...
  10. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    Here is another one : Unplugged Plugged
  11. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    Hello Brainiac, thanks for the kind words. As for the images I think I used IMGUR at the time and now it's not showing anymore. Also, keep up the good work! Here is a recent photo
  12. Squonk

    What's your favorite torch or lighter to use with the Vapcap?

    I have this one and love it. I adjust the flame at a very low setting and it's perfect for my vapcaps. It's a little expensive but well constructed(excellent quality), very stable on a surface and the flame is easily adjusted. Once lighted it's handsfree. :)
  13. Squonk

    Lizard Brain Vape

    Hi lizard.brain. You assume 250 ml of vapour. Where does this come from?
  14. Squonk

    How often do you vaporize?

    2x a week (usually friday and saturday evenings to relax while playing guitar or listening to music or playing pool):nod:
  15. Squonk

    Venus Vaporizer

    Hello sdrsh I see 2 things : First, it looks like the metal tube with the circlip should be on top of the ss plate. Also, I think but not 100% sure that the square screen where the vapor exit should not be sitting exactly on top of the wood, but instead it should be installed in a recess hole...
  16. Squonk

    Heat Island Technology

    Hi Alan, Is the core outer tube closed at the bottom ?... meaning that air can only enter inside the core center tube via the 6 holes. Also I want to say that I really appreciate your expertise and know how on the subject of log vape.
  17. Squonk

    Homemade Vaporizers

    Check out this post, I made my own with a halogen lamp and couldn't be happier :lol: My homemade vaporizer starting at thread #5
  18. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    Oh yes, I forgot to answer about the temperature thermometer. I tried a thermometer inserted through the bowl (had to drill a 1/8" hole). It worked but it added complexity and I finally decided to remove it. I adjust it by the thickness of the clouds and the color of the ABV's. I usually set it...
  19. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    You're welcome austintexican, Here is what I call my "medecin bag" to carry the vape in and out of the house. I can leave everything in for a vape session and close it out quickly if I need. Squonk ;)
  20. Squonk

    New member here, looking for DIY advice

    @Abysmal Vapor : Yes, these are arizer stock. The screens works very nicely, the top one holds the flower and the bottom screen increase the height and picks up small debris. The wire you see is simply a brass wire which holds both screen together with a little hook on top to let me take out the...
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