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    Dabs on the go

    I'll vouch for that. I returned 2 terp pen XL's...both were flaky & only worked once or twice before blinking randomly and becoming non responsive. Ordered the OG terp pen & haven't had an issue.
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    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    Ordered this one for mine...perfect fit.,specialty-aps,76&sr=8-3
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    Does anyone have fool-proof way to vape with 0 coughing. Ice+Water+Hit=no Coughing
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    Vaping "Just on weekends"

    Pretty much daily here...but always ONLY after 6 - 7 pm, 'till bedtime. It's an evening thing.
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    What were your 4/20 acquisitions?

    1 - '21 vong tip. 2 - preforated Dynavap cap. 3 - dynavap storage tubes w magnets. 4 - debowler.
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    Which 18650 batteries do you trust?

    Picked up two of these, made to handle high-temp great so far.
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    Healthy Rips Rogue

    He carries both, edge/fury2 sold out...but for the rogue, sneaky Pete has in stock.
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    Healthy Rips Rogue
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