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  1. Haze Mister

    My first cartridges

    Commercial cartridges probably contain other shit to liquefy the extract and make bigger clouds? I don't think you wil be able to use your extract in a cartridge without some kind of thinner. There are a lot of nice 510 devices for vaping pure rosin for about 50 bucks or less, why waste time...
  2. Haze Mister

    Boiling point myths and the science of flower vaporization

    I haven't really looked at the heater tech used in those or current log vapes. It seems sensible to combine a steady heater with at least some heat storage, if only for the buffering effect, so the vape-on-demand electric heater designs must be quite difficult to get right- especially the...
  3. Haze Mister

    PID controllers for coils

    i saw the Graveda kit at a local shop and snagged it for less than €80. The case is metal. The buttons are large and clicky, screen and buttons are on the top side rather than the front. It' s easy to understand and use. It briefly gave an error message on first use but no trouble after that...
  4. Haze Mister

    Products that make you go...........hmmmmm...

    Depends on where you live, lol
  5. Haze Mister

    Toasty Roasting Tubes

    Fuck yeah :rockon: Let's have some of those!
  6. Haze Mister


    This is generally fixed in most vapes like this by moving the herb a little further down the bowl, away from the heater. (smaller load or lower screen or deeper bowl- don't compress the herb) To post images: Optionally, Resize your images to make them smaller if possible. Most phone cameras...
  7. Haze Mister

    Products that make you go...........hmmmmm...

    I did get one of those from my uncle in the States but mine must have been the pauper's version as it didn't have wood paneling! :(
  8. Haze Mister

    Thoughts on water bong vs dry bong vs stems/stems with cooling beads?

    This is precisely the advantage of water- it offers superior flltration and IMO if one is going to be vaping every day for years (or decades), this is desirable. This is why I prefer recyclers too, because of the added centrifugal filtration by swirling the vapor around with water :science:
  9. Haze Mister

    The GTR

    Yeah, I edited the comment! With my old log vape the first couple of looong drags were pretty thin so I had to keep it there for a while and it got old.
  10. Haze Mister

    The GTR

    I was confused by this comment thinking you were talking about pre-heating the loaded stem. :doh: If you can get instant vapor from a cold stem then inverting the log ain't such a big deal.
  11. Haze Mister

    'The Misty Log' - DIY wooden Log Vaporizer

    Right, I am traumatised buy the metal-in-glass connection from a certain older log vape! :lol:
  12. Haze Mister

    The GTR

    Oh, that wouldn't work! I was basically thinking of attaching the basket screen at the hot end of the U-shaped drop down and plugging that into the GTR ... Ideally there would be a bubbler specially designed to hold a log vape next to the water chamber!
  13. Haze Mister

    The GTR

    I see the injector bowl matter keeps coming up.... Alan's latest should sort it out! I was talking at another thread about having some kind of u-bend drop-down stem so that you don't have to invert the log onto the rig- there may be such stems available already?
  14. Haze Mister

    Thunderbolt 202 - coil powered, untethered, metal-free, 19mm&14mm compatible all-in one ball injector vaporiser

    I am really excited about the results of yesterday's brainstorming session! I have solved a major conundrum with the design to simplify manufacturing and produce a more durable, versatile product. This may also potentially enable the quartz manufacturing to be done here in Spain without a...
  15. Haze Mister

    Quartz Thunderbolt - all-quartz torch powered ball injector vaporizer in 19mm and 14mm- shipping from EU

    So, I have had a little design breakthrough for the QT and had it OK'd by the factory. Similar but more major breakthrough for the TB-202 design! :rockon:
  16. Haze Mister

    For Sale Cheap, High Quality Recycler Dump

    Need to sell some bubblers to pay for more bubblers:shrug: PRICES AS SHOWN OR MAKE AN OFFER These are Chinese clones of expensive US designs and all made with thick borosilicate and function properly. All have 14mm connection. They have been cleaned with acetone followed by hot water...
  17. Haze Mister

    OLD MATE (formerly Medgrind)

    I heard there is a Ti- OMD giveaway contest ? :brow::razz:
  18. Haze Mister

    OLD MATE (formerly Medgrind)

    So, I heard you like fidgeting with nice bits of metal....
  19. Haze Mister

    Thoughts on water bong vs dry bong vs stems/stems with cooling beads?

    Reddit posts are not really worth discussing. We are way ahead here.... Also keep in mind that many reddit posts are made for the purpose of getting "karma" or whatever sad social credit system they are hooked on. This matter of minor loss of actives and flavor is settled by the understanding...
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