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    Camouflet Convector Giveaway - With a little help from my friends

    @Camouflet my guess is going to be 1995 grams
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    For Sale Price reduced! Sticky brick walnut flip brick for 50 shipped

    I have a sticky brick flip brick I'm looking to sell. This thing was my daily driver for well over a year and a half. It works just as well as the day I got it. Unfortunately the 14mm glass adapter broke a long time ago so I only have the 18mm to send a long with it. It's seen it's fair share of...
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    For Sale Price Reduced! OCW Noisy Cricket for $90 shipped

    I have an O'Connell Woodworks Noisy Cricket I'm looking to sell. I've had it for a little over a year now but I'm having to thin my herd in an attempt to get money together to move. It's been used maybe two dozen times all together but I've just never jived with it honestly. I'd either end up...
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    For Sale Dc-elev8r with boro balls looking for 200obo

    Have a DC elev8r for sale. Got it about a year and a half ago from vgoodiez. I recently fell on some hard times and I'm going to have to be moving and I'm going to need sell it for the funds to do so plus I can't really leave it on and ready to go anymore with a toddler running around. The...
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    Desktop Vaporizer Upgrade

    On top of the recommendations here, I'd like to think the ditanium might be up your alley. It' uses a whip and the titanium mouth piece acts as a 14mm adapter and it also has a dab dish on top if you'd want to use concentrates with it. It doesn't have precise temperature control but that's the...
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    Sticky Brick Junior by Sticky Brick Labs

    Do you have a price estimate for these bad boys?
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    Hopefully it'll stick around there and I'll be able to spring for one in the next few months because right now I'm kind of lacking in the portable category lol.
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    Rip it hard! Vapes that work better with a fast draw.

    I have one of the dc-elev8r`s from vgoodiez when they were using the Boro balls instead of the rubies and I've always found it worked better when I ripped it as hard as I could even with the temp set at about 700. Besides that I like ripping my sticky bricks pretty hard to besides the initial...
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    I'm just wondering with looking at the xvape site that while the onyx grey roffu doesn't say that it's on sale that the price is at 140 now. I'm just wondering if that's the regular price of it going foward? Because that still seems like a good deal for what you get with the full kit.
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    The Angus Halogen Vape by YLL Vape

    With those two coming I'd definitely be feeling like a kid on Christmas morning myself. That's a nice variety if I do say so myself though.
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    The Official CannaBreak Thread

    So my previous cannabreak didn't go as planned. I came into a little extra money after about a week and splurged and got some stuff then after that I decided to dip into my avb jar and revape some of that to some less then satisfactory results. But I'm back on the cannabreak train now that me...
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    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    It normally is going the opposite direction. If you had said that you were using the wpa with it then I wouldn't have been too surprised if maybe it was some particles from the bowl cause blowback can happen with the pressure change from water but using it native I don't see that really being an...
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    Dude I just have to say this whole community seems dope as shit.

    Lmao you can say that those search results are relevant to my interests. In all honesty, I would've had no idea that the phrase was used so many times on this forum. That and the meme really made my day.
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    Best recycler options/do they improve over conventional water pieces?

    That's honestly what I was kind of figuring with that one. It seems like more then anything it may act like a splash guard but my experience with recyclers has been severely limited unfortunately. I've only had the ratchet bubbler recycler from tag that unfortunately ended up breaking about a...
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    Best recycler options/do they improve over conventional water pieces?

    I'm kinda curious about this one I've never seen a recycler look like this before. It actually maybe seems similar to the incyclers (though I've never used one so I maybe talking out my ass on that one) but I'm curious about the function which unfortunately the video doesn't show.
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    I'm honestly a little confused by what you mean. Wouldn't you essentially be able to use the stem load system they developes as a mouth piece? I know it'd probably be hot but it seems like it'd work?
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    I'm interested in some more info on this new butane vape. That thing looks super slick.
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    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    Honestly this makes me kind of interested in it because fallout 3, new Vegas, and 4 we're some of my favorite games with the nod to new Vegas. I played every single dlc to completion along with the original game in one sitting without playing anything else which I never do.
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    What is the most durable electric portable vaporizer? (non torch driven)

    That is true. I had a fury edge that honestly survived countless drops to the floor but it still randomly decided one day to just give up the ghost. I still need to send it in for the 1/2 off warranty though I'll probably opt to upgrade to the rogue.
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    While shitty that your device is down and out for a little bit, that is some fantastic customer service and is really making me want to get my hands on one of these guys really soon with what I've heard about the performance. As time goes on I'm hoping they release even more aftermarket pieces...
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