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    Balls in vapes: Boro, Ruby, SS, Titanium, SIC?

    Yeah, I haven't experimented, I ran out of 3mm Pearl's so I said let me try this with a 6mm or 2 6mm and it filled it nicely because I was short 3mm so this helped fill in the void. Like I said I haven't done any experiments with it, just figured I'd see if anyone tried or had different results...
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    Small portable ceramic ring heater

    Awesome, thanks for the knowledge. Yeah I wasn't sure if they had discounts or not. I'll probably get one when I get some money. Thanks again 😉
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    Balls in vapes: Boro, Ruby, SS, Titanium, SIC?

    Have you tried using 1 or 2 6mm pearls. I am using 4mm ruby Pearl's with 2 6mm Pearl's. I want to get 2 sic 6mm Pearl's and bury them in the ruby Pearl's. So far just the 4mm and 2 6mm ruby Pearl's work well. I think the 2 6mm pearls stacked and buried vertically on top of each other but with...
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    Small portable ceramic ring heater

    I have been looking at them for awhile. I heard the reliability isn't great, but that was early on when they were just coming out. Has that gotten better and I have heard mix reviews but again on the reliability or getting one was hard to get too. Now I'm sure easier, anyway thanks in advance...
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    Smoke VS vapor : couch locking

    My opinion or experiences, I believe it all depends on the vape your using too. There are some vapes that won't get you that 100% couch locking. Sometimes I feel vaping takes a bit longer to get couch locked but also to me depends on temps. When using say the Pinky or Cannabis hardware vapes, I...
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    My next portable on-demand vaporizer

    Think the xmax v3 pro I hear is a great choice for the price. I have the Davinci IQ2 which works enough for me now. I use the spacers which help out with clouds, taste and great way to save on dry. Though, I think your choice is good, I'm thinking of getting a xmax myself.
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    What portable convection vape should I get?

    How is it, I don't know anyone who has it, which doesn't mean a Is it any good, I know its affordable too. I hear people compare it to the Grasshopper IO but the IO is 4-6x the cost. I'll look up the firewood 7 thanks. The TinyMighty was my overall pick I think, but I have heard...
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    What portable convection vape should I get?

    Maybe some people can help me out, because I have done endless I came up with a few and what I'm looking for, is no torch, and something I can hit whenever I want but small enough where I'm not constrained with wires etc. I want to be able to say take a hit or 2 and then walk...
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    DaVinci IQ2

    The spacers work great, I had the IQ, I recently upgraded to the IQ2. Imho, this is the best portable session conduction vape. Got it for $220, the IQ2, I use both spacers separately, depending how much I want to smoke. 25% material I use the larger spacer great for wake and bake or just to get...
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