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  1. breiter_fighter

    TinyMight / TM 2

    Can anyone recommend a nice (soft)case for the TM2? I want to take mine for a walk in the forest. It would be cool if there is some space for stems as well. Maybe you know something :)
  2. breiter_fighter

    The Angus vs Tetra X / P80.

    I am very interested in this comparison as well. Is there anybody who owns all of them and willing to write a little review?
  3. breiter_fighter

    Vaporizer advice for Moroccan style hash

    For my hash I always use my Vapman or Vaponic. Both are great vapes :)
  4. breiter_fighter

    Dreamwood Glow

    It's the KA coils which are preinstalled.
  5. breiter_fighter


    I am not sure if I am allowed to post DHgate links here. But you can just go to DHgate and search for 14mm j hook. I am sure you will find something appealing :)
  6. breiter_fighter


    I live in EU and got mine from DHgate. I love this Setup, it's totally worth it!
  7. breiter_fighter

    Other flame-based devices besides Vapman

    There is also the Vaponic, which is fragile but has a really intense and pure flavour. I really love this device... I also owned a Dreamwood Dobby, but I sold it. It's a beautiful one, but I disliked the butane inhaling. Did someone mentioned the Vaporgenie (I hope I didn't misspelled it)? I...
  8. breiter_fighter

    510, 420 … „330MV“ / DIY 510-Mod-Vape

    And this seems to be the difficult thing as I read from other threads. I decided that I will go with kanthal coils for my first try. Wish me luck :clap: And if somebody found a non-glowing SS coil Setup, feel free to share :)
  9. breiter_fighter

    510, 420 … „330MV“ / DIY 510-Mod-Vape

    Hello my friends! Hallo Nachbarn :cool: I found this thread and it is really exciting to read. I am very new to 510 Mods, but I want to create a Vape like mentioned above. At first thank you for sharing information it is a great help for me. Right now I am at the point where I want to order an...
  10. breiter_fighter

    Dreamwood Glow

    Thank you for pointing me out to this threads. I checked them out, there are exactly what I am looking for and true gold mines of information. Btw, I have a Dreamwood Dobby and I really love their woodworks. Also the Glows look pretty beautiful and stunning. I just like to do things on my own...
  11. breiter_fighter

    Dreamwood Glow

    Hello my dear vaping friends! Does anybody know which decks Dreamwood are using for their Glows? I would like to DIY one for me, but I am very clueless about e-cigarettes. Until now I was not succesfull in finding decks. I can only find the atomizers (is it called like this?) with tank and all...
  12. breiter_fighter

    The ethnobotanical thread

    You could try lavender and thyme. That are 2 of my favourites to mix with MJ. :peace:
  13. breiter_fighter

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Hello there, very nice set-up =) Do you use a simple 14 m to 14 m Adapter to connect your Vapcap-tip to the glass? Amazing solution :brow:
  14. breiter_fighter

    Dreamwood Glow

    @Daprezz hey there, i am completely new to boxmods. Could you tell me which boxmod you are using? I am searching for the right one, which fits my needs... Greetings
  15. breiter_fighter

    Dreamwood Glow

    Few days ago the homepage was under construction. I guess the vapes will Pop up again soon. Maybe the are prepairing for 420? I would like to have a glow too. So long have a nice day dudes and duderiñas =)
  16. breiter_fighter

    Firewood Vaporizer

    Hello together! Does anybody know if there is any shop in europe which sells this beautiful vape? Or if international shipping is possible? Thanks for your help BV
  17. breiter_fighter

    Athlete Vaporists?

    @His_Highness i really appreciate your stories about back in the days. Must be a cool time with the loin clothes. Today everbody is in synthetics. I would really like to find a "natural" rashguard. To the tournament: Would be cool if there is a starting class for vaporist. If this happens i...
  18. breiter_fighter

    Athlete Vaporists?

    Hello, if someone is interested in BJJ, Luta Livre or Grappling in general, i highly recommend you to watch this video. The link goes to youtube. I am not really a fan of vice media, but this video is very interesting. Someday i will come over the sea to get the first prize :D So long, Have a...
  19. breiter_fighter

    DHGATE - Aaaaaackkkkk! :) Good/Bad Seller List

    Hello again, i just want to show you this d020 bubbler , bought from qbsomk. I can't wait to use it. Since it is my first bubbler i don't have any comparison, but the glass feels heavy and thick. In my opinion good quality. So here is the picture, have a nice day/night :science: edit: Forget...
  20. breiter_fighter

    DDave Mod, New DDave Mini Mod & Kit for Arizer EQ/VTower Vapes

    Thank you ddave. I bought the adapter on ebay for a few bucks. The shipping overseas and the high import taxes of 20% led my to try an alternative to the original mod (also the long waiting time - the customs office is horrible here). I hope this doesn't offend you - Thanks also for the tip...
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