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  1. Jikaboom123

    Discontinued Vape-Or-Smoke Vaporizer

    ^that's a pretty bad review would like to see manufacturer respond to that one!
  2. Jikaboom123

    Discontinued Vape-Or-Smoke Vaporizer

    I see the Vape-Or-Smoke is now for sale on grasscity.
  3. Jikaboom123

    Soda Pot ...

    Sure it might hurt the medical community, but honestly it should be legal for recreational use as well. So I say fuck it, let it rain cannabis soda.
  4. Jikaboom123

    Synthetic Cocaine

    My friend just bought this, might try it. :P
  5. Jikaboom123

    Eyeball this abv please? Colorblind

    doesnt even look vaped
  6. Jikaboom123

    Discontinued Vape-Or-Smoke Vaporizer

  7. Jikaboom123

    Discontinued Vapir NO2

    Well vapir has been known to use the cheapest shittiest materials. Hopefully a good company/person will just redesign their concept with better housing.
  8. Jikaboom123

    Retailer Discussion & Discounts

    Just bought from again for some Vaporwarez accessories. Love em but wish I didn't have to pay 7 bucks shipping for a pack of screens and some tubing. I've used them around 3 times now. Always good and fast, accommodating.
  9. Jikaboom123

    Vaporfection - the AquaVape Inline Vapor Cooler

    This thing looks pretty sweet. around 69 bucks from vaporstore/vapeworld with the coupons. Might pick one up to use with my vaporwarez.
  10. Jikaboom123

    Discontinued Vapir NO2

    Thanks for the honest review willie. Seems like a piece of shit.
  11. Jikaboom123


    Those look great wunder.
  12. Jikaboom123

    Discontinued Vapir NO2

    They gotta get some colors. How long does the rechargeable battery take to charge? How long does it last?
  13. Jikaboom123

    Arizer Portable

    On 2010-08-24, at 12:52 AM, John Tonka <************> wrote: > This is an enquiry e-mail via from: > John Tonka <*******> > > I've heard of a portable Arizer product being released soon. Any truth to this? Hi John, We are working on the design of...
  14. Jikaboom123

    Sneak A Vape See. Just a combustion pipe. LOL!
  15. Jikaboom123

    Sneak A Vape

    Looks exactly like a click a toke, a combustion pipe.
  16. Jikaboom123

    Vaporbrothers Vaporizer

    Yea but I get what rbrown is saying. With the standard heater cover it won't fall in, because you only use the whip while taking hits. Same thing with my Warez
  17. Jikaboom123

    Vapes and GERD/Acid Reflux

    Yea I wake up sick all the time, puking acidic burning stuff.
  18. Jikaboom123

    Kia Vaporizer

    rbrown, I agree with you 100%. Except replace VB with VW ;)
  19. Jikaboom123

    Discontinued Vapir NO2

    Although I don't like Vapir: "rechargeable battery" has my interests.
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