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    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    I had a worse case of this plastic breaking. No receipt. Also after 2 years. I registered the serial number and device on their site and they give you an extra year warranty for doing so. I then sent it in. Everything worked fine but A LOT of wear n tear n plastic bits off everywhere/structural...
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    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    I just sent mine in but the tab to mark the carrier and tracking on their site simply is blank and doesn't give me the option for anything. I tried 4 devices. Want my RMA so badly.
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    Volcano Hybrid

    well...definitely didn't get one this christmas for myself because of this debacle and won't until its updated or changed.
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    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    My mighty has been an absolute monster for 2 years. I got the first ones when they got the 20% battery upgrade. I use it every single day. Like kill it to zero battery at least once a day...never one problem. Over 1000 sessions for sure. I can't wait for a real new one...
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    **MIGHTY for sale. BNIB Sealed box+glass mouthpiece**

    *SOLD* Can move/delete this Ok guys this was my back up. Been in love with mine and it's still been working perfectly. Shit happens in life and I need the cash so please help a brother out and get the best Vaping experience of your life! Brand new in sealed box. Comes with 1 new glass mouthpiece...
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    The Sandbox: Make test posts here

    testing IMAGES
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    PLENTY Vaporizer

    ok so its great for ripping larger loads. lol Used to .25 in the Mighty. WOW. My problem is that I can't do it indoors.
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    Ed's WoodScents Log Vape - Ed's TnT

    Looks intriguing. Love the woodwork. Hmmm
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    strongest strain

    For me it's Death Bubba
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    Help please

    I agree with him and think you should try a concentrate.
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    The Official CannaBreak Thread

    Need a break for multiple reasons but really don't want to. Lol I also won't sleep a wink for 3 days without it.
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    PLENTY Vaporizer

    Storz fanboy here but never tried one of these yet. Really curious.
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    What is your favorite thing to do after vaping?

    Same. Plus stuffing my face.
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    Herb Grinders

    My point was that you can choose to leave out the screen and get the same exact product as the 3 piece.
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    Herb Grinders

    The 4 piece is the three piece. You can simply leave out the screen and it becomes a 3 piece. It's both.
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    Herb Grinders

    Love my 4 piece Santa Cruz Shredder. Haven't even been interested in looking at anything else since I got one.
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    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    Best experience I've ever had from a portable is the Mighty through water. I got the attachment even before my Mighty came in.
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    Tek Pressing Rosin from Nepalese & Moroccan Hash

    This looks very tasty.
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    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    I have a cycle of 4 CUs. Never had one problem opening any. How long do you guys freaking haul on them before cleaning? I take them apart and soak them in rubbing alcohol overnight and then rinse with warm water. They look brand new every time...
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    How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

    I guess I have to elaborate and be more clear for you stoners. I won't CONVECTION vape concentrates. I won't do concentrates in my Mighty or in a Volcano/Herbalizer etc etc. It sucks. I have a Source Vape Orb 4 with 12 atomizers and the coils definitely get it up there. Bangers are still by far...
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