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    Has anyone tried Death Star yet?

    These threads are so depressing. Death star was one of the first strains I tried when I got my mmj card. It was a flagship strain of a local dispensary, $19/gram. The buds had zero smell, other than like a kitchen storage, like it was cured with a dried up pizza or something. The bud had no...
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    Adding terps to dabs...

    Things are getting sad in the Cannabis world. Terps are not terps. Just like organic growers know nitrogen is not nitrogen, no matter what science says,the source matters. Limonene for example, can be purchased by the gallon, by the 50 gallon drum probably. For really cheap. It smells...
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    You cant trust concentrates these days

    Op that's why concentrate is being pushed. Raw herb will be a thing of the past soon.. States will illegalize organic Cannabis like they have with milk, because of the living microbiology that's not exactly exclusive to the soil.. Producers are pushing processed herb for the very reason...
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    Arizer Solo II

    As it applies to herbal extractions, convection/conduction is more about pulling air through or around the material, not the heat source. An EQ elbow pack is convection, because air is forced through the material. A loosely packes ddave or stock bowl is conduction. Basically a loose pack is...
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    What do you pay per ounce of cannabis?

    150-350 at dispensaries and the quality always sucks, tasting like grow product. Legal. 200-300 off the streets and it actually tastes like weed. Illegal.
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    Vaping and deep breathing

    Deep in and out. Stretch your lungs like an accordion. More surface area exposed. Anyone remember the old days, when weed tasted like hash instead of miracle gro? Lung expansion was KEY to a good buzz ;)
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    Crohn's & cannabis stories and "the talk"

    Weed grown in living organic soil will help. Hydroponic weed will not help. This is my personal experience. Organic weed all but cured it. But a year on the retail dispensary weed and the symptoms are back and I don't like eating anymore. I won't stop shouting this: Hydroponic weed is NOT...
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    Tinnitus: that sound inside the head

    Got mine from a failed root canal. Was a mystery onset until I got the failed root canal redone a 2nd time, and the whole side of my head lit up. Still haven't recovered fully. I had a bone graft done for an implant, the tinnitus flares up right when rejected bone chunks are coming through...
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    Is vaping as good as we think/hope?

    No, natural Cannabinoid resin is an expectorant.. It cleans your lungs. 'lung expansion' used to be a key effect. What sticks to your lungs is carbo booster products: Budcandy, Humboldt Honey, Floranectar, Sweet, Sugaree, etc etc. Most good crops will clean out a brown sticky grinder...
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    Dabbing shatter VS Vaporizing herbs

    Dabs are a trend started by corporate interests. Marlborough doesn't grow tobacco. They produce cigarettes: Buy the cheapest bids from multiple sources, use the bottom grade materia, mix it all together, extract the ingredients, reinfuse with a synthetic blend, brand market and sell it...
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    Does using Cannabis make you feel tired/lazy/foggy the next day?

    When I was buying from farmers in NorCal, no. When I moved to Az and joined MMJ, yes. The poor light spectrum of commercial grows, amongst other things, makes it groggy weed. Straight facts. No one is getting shit done on weed like they did in the 70s. Today's weed has all the negatives...
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    How to hide vape smell in small office, no window

    Buy your weed from AZ dispensaries... It has no smell at all.
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    Strain does not vape well, smokes fine?

    The vape is the end-all in quality determination. Assuming properly dried, good herb always vapes good. No way around that. My friend always hated how his bud didn't create clouds like mine did. Because it didn't have the same oil content! He eventually admitted it when we started making...
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    Strain "quality" and pricing per ounce

    The best weed in the world can be obtained for 350.. It will smell for blocks, taste better than any food, and get you euphoric for hours off one hit. That being said, nothing in a dispensary is worth over 250. The best weed should be that price. Coming from a former grower. If i was a smoker...
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    Ever Wonder if Your Weed has Benn Artificially Flavoured???

    Wanted to add this info/rant to the thread. I started vaping years ago. The taste is one of the best parts. That deep, sugary, rich flavor you feel low in the gut and on exhale. Vaped herb from all over the world. Always the same, but always different. Lets just say I know what Cannabis...
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