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    Qaroma/Taroma/Ceroma by QaromaShop

    Do the titanium bowls make a significant difference with regard to the actual vapor production?
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    Brilliant Cut Grinder

    Extremely curious about this as well.
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    TinyMight / TM 2

    How has QC been for the TM since last revision? I’m tempted to blind buy a TM2 just based on hype for the TM but not interested in dealing with QC problems for a unit that needs to be shipped across the globe.
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    Discontinued Supreme Vaporizer

    Thank you! Those links lead to two different sizes of tubing: 14mm ID x 18mm OD and 9mm ID x 12mm OD, is that correct? Which fits better? My Supreme has been sitting in a drawer for a long time unusable as I hadn't gone looking for replacement tubing and was thinking recently about getting it...
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    Healthy Rips Rogue

    The bowl on the Mighty is actually part of the large heat exchanger with the heating rod inside it, it truly does conduction vaporizing. As others have noted they'll give different results at ostensibly the same setting due to differences in calibration and design.
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    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Well I've got all the popular 510 devices, good mods, and some little hydratubes for them, and yet when I recently dropped the little glass Rio rig piece while cleaning I immediately ordered a new one shipped to Canada. Rio isn't for everyone, it's frankly an insane and janky looking product...
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    Dr.Dabber Boost Evo

    How have these been holding up for people? My M22 performs wonderfully when it's perfectly maintained and seated, but the jank is getting old and I'd like an AIO device if there's a good and reliable one available yet.
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    The Plug-In Supreme Vaporizer

    I'm in need of some Supreme parts, mostly the large silicone tube that the bowl fits into but I'd like to get all new bowl and such as well. Everything is out of stock at @VGOODIEZ is there anywhere to get these parts now, and if not is the silicone a generic thing I can buy from a hardware...
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    Muad-Dib or a nail?

    I've recently moved and obtained regular access to high quality concentrates, so it's time for a new toy. I like vaporizing bud for the well-known benefits of reduced consumption and smell, but I'm still perfectly happy burning, so the vaporization vs burning on a hot nail aspect is meaningless...
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    Discontinued Zion vaporizer

    When, or if, will this be available to Canada? Vaporizers are legal in Canada and ship freely across the border and USPS is both reliable and inexpensive.
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    Discontinued herbalAire

    I have gazed upon the face of god, and she appears suspiciously like a plastic bag
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    Help me choose a desktop vape. E-nano/LSV/Da-Buddha/SSV

    Any vaporizer that can get hot enough, which most can, will be able to extract most everything of value from your herb. An E-Nano, SSV, DBV, Lotus, even the old (And reliable) VaporGenie can roast your bud to an equal level of extraction; the question is more how easily it can do so, whether it...
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    Discontinued herbalAire

    I received my Hebalaire a week or so ago and have thus far been happy with it; weed comes out perfectly evenly baked a medium brown (I can get darker with my VG glass and Hammer, but not as consistently) and operation is dead simple. Thus far I've found that grinding makes a difference in the...
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    Which lady to choose? Lotus or daisy

    I don't own either, full disclosure. Having looked at and considered buying both of these vapes, I'd go Lotus. Daisy has nothing but rave reviews here, but frankly so does the Lotus, and you mentioned wanting a glass piece in the future which the Lotus will accommodate very well. I'll defer to...
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    Higher Cost Vaporizers Are They Worth It?

    The Air uses the same heating element, stainless steel chamber, and glass parts as the Solo, so if you don't like the Air you won't like the Solo. The only significant differences between the two are size and batteries: Air has swappable batteries but only one in the unit at a time, the Solo has...
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    Where do I go from here?

    I just ordered a Herbalaire which should be arriving some time next week. There are several reasons why, but ultimately for me vaporizing is about the destination rather than the journey, and the Herbalaire appears to be built with that philosophy. Thank you all again for the discussion!
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    Where do I go from here?

    Looks like Herbalaire vs LSV vs Enano probably... Gotta do some reading when I get home tonight!
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    The design of the screen ridge makes them a horrid pain in the ass to keep clean, in so far as...

    The design of the screen ridge makes them a horrid pain in the ass to keep clean, in so far as maintaining airflow. At least a local headshop sells tiny screens for pennies a piece.
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    Sounds good, my only beef with the Hammer are the stems. Thanks man!

    Sounds good, my only beef with the Hammer are the stems. Thanks man!
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    Where do I go from here?

    Not really, I find them to be a hassle. Lily looks cool but I've already got a Hammer and a glass VG...
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