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    Mason jar decarb what's going on in there??

    thank you macbill, i appreciate your answer! Learn something every day.
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    Mason jar decarb what's going on in there??

    don't the bubbles indicate alcohol remains in the tinsure? I was expecting you were wanting some alcohol in the goods unless the plan was to work down/out all alcohol, then add back oil for caps or a topical. just curious. oh, and the semi-loose lid? i read this but don't have troubles...
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    Mason jar decarb what's going on in there??

    Great information on the inside working temps. Thank you for your efforts and time. There are some amazing the tools, trinkets & bobbles out there that are making it easier to cook, extract, infuse, and generally better understand cannabis. I now decarb all flower, kief and concentrates in our...
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    Edibles for sleep

    Using RSO late afternoon (5ish) for solid sleep on most nights. Shredder’s nitetime caps from ABV work best on me. They seem the strongest for getting rest (I get very sleepy 2hrs. after medicating with ABV oil) and can usually sleep soundly thru mid-morning. Like shredder, I now do not...
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    Gel capsules

    I use dry herb caps every day. It is part of my meds. I decarb the flower or kief in our "instapot" type pressure cooker. Then, as sherdder suggests, I "flower" my flower in our old nut/spice grinder. I want the herb to be as fine as I can get before i pack caps. I use 00 size caps...
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    High potency edibles

    baddog, i worked up prior to surgery for two weeks....ended up dosing 1/3 of the ml syringe three times a day. not now, but while recouping. nina, thanks for the kind words. i was blessed as i was able to lay it down cold. it took me three or four years of wanting to quit boose that must...
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    High potency edibles

    i was given rso when i had my knees replaced from may thru november. i am not now on any set dose, but during the ouch time it was 1ml a day in thirds. it worked for me. i prefer flower for “normal” dryer settings. i have recently tried some rso with a little oil and it seems my ‘tolerance’...
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    High potency edibles

    i try to use caps vs. me working cannabis into food recipies. i don’t need more cookies;-0 for strong caps i use rso. mix a ml of rso, 2 ml MCT oil and a teaspoon of liquid sunflower lecithin in a small double boiler….when it heats to 120-140 degrees F … draw it up with a pipet or small...
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    Anybody gone edibles only?

    i was all vape a till a few months ago. i had knee replacement (both knees - 5 months apart) during rehab and p.t. my caregiver introduced me to dosing with rso. being an old friend of downers, i am kinda proud that after plenty of pain, i have plenty of ‘oxi’ left over with no desire for...
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    Post your decarb method here!

    mr. astrains, did your jar set on the bottom of the pot while being "cooked"? i use a rack between the jar and the bottom of the pot. sorry it did not go as planned.
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    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    i loved it. but honestly, my solo2 hits better for my wife and i….. when it died, there was no one to turn to for parts or repair ( i’m not that repair guy).
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    Is my AVB even potent?

    i extracted/cooked my abv down like shredder does for his caps. i was stunned last night…. the first time to try the abv goo (similar to rso) in a cap…went with an approx. three rice grain dose… in two hours….lites OUT! so the answer is yes. avb can club ya on the noggin‘ and let ya rest...
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    How safe is eating herb long term?

    it would seem to be the safest unless someone had an allergy or the like. roughage! it is my favorite way to fly.
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    Post your decarb method here!

    i did the oven. it was pretty stinky. i read here about using mason jars to dcarb. came upon the instipot. tried it with mason jars. it is so easy and fast, it is now my go-to method. and, there is never odor in the instapot!
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    Gel capsules

    i do not think it takes longer. flower seems to take a little less time to do it's duty than oils. everyone is different. 1.5 hrs and i am there👍
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    Gel capsules

    shredder's thoughts on eating decarbed flower brought to mind this past weeks activities. during the past week i have been messing around with an ‘instipot’ type pressure cooker and it has been a real learning experience! i have decarbed various flower this week. also, i have made mct infussed...
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    tried making edibles few times with avb, didnt work

    so many questions... i am looking to use my abv to help me with sleep. my thought is to take my abv (a bit north of 4 ozs) and do a couple more decarbs in my instantpot unit. thinking this may drive down tch and increase cbd. then, do an alcohol extraction - drive off the booze and keep...
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    Instant Pot - Decarb & Extract

    amazing. i am sold the suggested decarb/extrat at one time. used it for mct oil with a 1/2oz of flower and another with concentrate. both in different jars in the same pot at the same time. did 20 min, then another 20 with the long cooldown. WowMomWow....this is so easy. one step. no...
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    How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

    my daily driver is a solo2 — but every once in a blue moon, my buddy from okla will make some hash available to me. when he does i get to enjoy a few hits out of my bubbler. this happens maybe 6 time a year. oh and of course, i generally won’t back away from a fattie being passed either. i...
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    Arizer Solo II

    that is where i buy mine too....better prices on stems and bubble stems
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