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  1. thevapedcrusader

    What's in your vape right now?

    High everybody!? Bit of Super Silver Haze in the grasshopper. Sun is shining and I'm off to go get paid to ride my mouantainbike. No complaints. Peace y'all.
  2. thevapedcrusader

    How often do you shower / bath your body?

    Yearly...whether I need it or not...and remember you get four changes out of each pair of underpants. .. forwards, backwards, inside-out forwards, inside-out backwards. You're welcome.
  3. thevapedcrusader

    Root canal surgery.... reassurance???

    Unless you have an allergy to the anesthetic you will be fine. No different to a "normal" filling in terms of pain in my experience. Ive just had some titanium implants and bone grafting done. Dude was smashing that shit around with a hammer and hacking up my gums and roof of mouth for tissue...
  4. thevapedcrusader

    5 Letters Game

    Evicting another turtle sounds messy TURDL
  5. thevapedcrusader

    5 Letters Game

    Baby elephant got a nosebleed TRUNK
  6. thevapedcrusader

    Why has no one thought of this???

    Id avoid frying anything in it if you want it to be potent..the high heat of frying/roasting will probably "burn up " most of the goodness left in your already depleted abv...
  7. thevapedcrusader

    VRIPtech Heating Wand

    Wooooot! Back in flavour country! Been using the noisy, costly heatgun forever it seems. My awesome girlfriend got me a new wand as an early birthday present. Sooo tasty..soooo potent! Thanks again Mark for a mint product....gonna have to get a spare now! Stay safe y'all
  8. thevapedcrusader

    Athlete Vaporists?

    High everybody!? 50k xc Mtb marathon coming up on Sunday...I'll vape on the way there, then a good warm up and one quick blast on the solo just before we roll out ! Yeeeeefuckinghaaaaa! Good luck to you all in your blazed sporting endeavors, keep the rubber side down and the smiling side up...
  9. thevapedcrusader

    VRIPtech Heating Wand

    Pro model plus the diffused gong downstem also provides just the right amount of resistance for the heatwand in my experience. Big shout out to Mr McCoy, ride safe brother! A heavy based microphone stand works well to keep wand safe and the tip inverted
  10. thevapedcrusader

    VRIPtech Heating Wand

    Congratulations Mark!
  11. thevapedcrusader

    Holiday Music That Doesn't Suck

    Tim Minchin's "White wine in the sun" not sure how to link to the YouTube vid but it's there. Happy holidays to all, stay safe, stay vaped! mod note: Edited to fix Youtube link.
  12. thevapedcrusader

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud

    give some people a gold star and they think they're a sherrif
  13. thevapedcrusader

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud

    just stumbled across a sneak peek at some sick lookin bent neck new ht's and all sorts of slick new shit on glass stands on facebook, now im hangin for the 220v version more than ever! Its gotta be ready by christmas right?
  14. thevapedcrusader

    Sneezing when vaping?

    Patient:"doctor, doctor every time i sneeze i have an orgasm!" Doctor: "are you taking anything for it?" Patient:"yeah, nasal vape hits!" but seriously i think it may be ammonia making those of us who vape sneeze, sneeze. I think the ammonia is burned off more in combustion with the higher...
  15. thevapedcrusader

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud

    high everybody?! Just wondering if you could use like a 1/2 inch hose clamp around the elb then tighten the sucker up to "train" it. Should keep it fairly round and wont break any glass! Just an idea, peace people,stay steamy!
  16. thevapedcrusader

    Can anyone suggest a vaporizer and an Austalian store (online or not) to purchase it from?

    gday all, pretty sure vapehead.com is an aussie distributor. Hi Fred, im still lovin the nautilus, stay steamed peeps.
  17. thevapedcrusader

    PlanetVape.ca - Canada's Destination for the Best Vapes on the Planet

    mee 3...... So i went and bought a dremel tile cutting diamond wheel and made my own! I just put the cuts and grooves in the same place as on my pvhes- looks a little rough but fires up jus like the pvhes! i packed the bowl with fine wet sand and wrapped the outer in tape for some support and...
  18. thevapedcrusader

    How many vaporists does it take to change a lightbulb?

    ok, assuming that they all vape, how many chefs would it take to change a lightbulb? ? 10- one to change it and nine to stand around saying how much better they would have done it.
  19. thevapedcrusader

    Dry Ice Kief/Hash Thread

    i like it loose too. For pressed kief or lumps of harvest hash i use a ss microplane grater/zester thing, shreds it nicely and your fingertips too if you aren't careful- those fuckers are sharp!