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  1. 710yota

    Looking for ideas on ways to store the hot coil and banger while not in use

    I leave mine on my rig with it turned on all day never had a issue with damage to the joint or my banger getting stuck
  2. 710yota

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I agree there. I usually pick it up and tilt it towards me, otherwise you do have to have to hunch over fairly well to hit it
  3. 710yota

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Not straight from china cheap but I picked up this piece from Greek Glass to use with my Flowerpot. Lots of chug but I'm really digging it especially with the TAG drop down I recently acquired as well. I do wish the mouth piece was more curved or...
  4. 710yota

    United Machining Stainless Steel Grinder

    Cool to see some interest in this grinder again! Just waiting for it to become available. Hopefully its soon as this does look like a mean little grinder!
  5. 710yota

    New to using an enail - a few quick questions please

    Congrats on your first e-nail! I typically leave mine on the entire time I am at home/awake usually 12+ hours per day if I'm not at work. I've read its better for the life of the coil to minimize turning it off and on, temp fluctuations are harder on it then just leaving it on. I do usually...
  6. 710yota

    AVS m22

    I haven't really used the housing except for messing around with fitting it a few times. I haven't found any real need for it, my M22 does get hot when I'm really ripping through back to back hits but not enough to bother me. I find it much easier to install the ESCC and maintain a steady...
  7. 710yota

    InVerzion Vaporizer

    I love seeing this beautiful little unit getting closer and closer to getting into our hands and putting some vapor into our respective lungs!
  8. 710yota

    Saionara Atomizer thread

    If your talking about the Saionara/Sequoia they can be found at
  9. 710yota

    Cool Music to Vape to - Part 2

    Dude at work just showed this to me today
  10. 710yota

    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    I typically wipe my dish out with a dry q-tip after every dab, I just try to pay attention to getting all of the fibers out. I also find using a higher quality q-tip leaves less fibers, I've been liking Glob Mops for this purpose.
  11. 710yota

    Dab setup recommendations.

    I'm still really liking my 710coils 30mm deep-dish set up paired with a Disorderly Conduction controller and a ruby insert. Outside of the house I use a Advanced Vape Supply M22 and am really liking it now that I have the updated parts although I still wouldn't call it a totally finished...
  12. 710yota

    Enail kits

    Personally I don't think you can go anywhere close to wrong with any of the fine products @710coils offers. I use my 30mm deep-dish set up daily with a disorderly conduction controller daily and love it although that MaxVapor controller posted above is a very nice unit. I bet that Shane at...
  13. 710yota

    NFC About NewFC: how we got here and where we hope to go

    I was going to say it looks like possibly exciting things are being undertaken on the old FC, it certainly looks different already!
  14. 710yota

    710 coils

    That Leisure Incycler is actually the main rig I use with my 30mm deep dish set up, no tipping issues!
  15. 710yota

    Concentrates for Noobs - Q&A

    There totally is a good reason to store your concentrates in a fridge, honestly I'm listing my excuses I tell myself to not buy a dab fridge for my desk. It might be good to add some safeguards against too much impulse dabs, I find myself able to burn through concentrate much faster then I do...
  16. 710yota

    Concentrates for Noobs - Q&A

    Personally I don't bother with it because I dab through my 'trates quick enough that I'm not too worried about them degrading and I don't want to take the time to let them warm up to room temp before I sesh. I keep all of my goods in black glass jars out of the sun though and I'm not in a super...
  17. 710yota

    AVS m22

    Nice review, I'm getting pretty antsy to get mine seeing all of them starting to actually show up. Got a email from Brent a few days ago saying it's shipping out on or around the 4th.
  18. 710yota

    NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

    ZCglass has been showing up quite a bit lately in the vape world it seems, they also make the bottomless banger for the AVS M22. It's cool to see a company in the glass business whipping up some more stuff for the vape world. I've been able to convince myself the ti bowl is fine and I don't need...
  19. 710yota

    NFC Glass recommendation please

    I am also a fan of TAG's offerings. I have one of their 18mm hammerhead pieces and it is indeed a piece of thick ass glass. AugustHause has this seed of life puck perc I have been eying for $50, they used to have other models in stock but I guess not anymore...
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